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student: machinery worth rs 500cr idling at itis | mumbai news - times of india

by:QY Precision      2019-09-12
Mumbai: parodox is a remarkable event.
Purchased key machinery worth Rs 500 for non-existent courses and colleges.
The equipment was idle and rusted in corridors and garages for about six years.
In Maharashtra, 417
Industrial Training Institutions)
Companies that train industrial manpower candidates sit on expensive equipment and they don\'t know what to do with it.
At the same time, there is a shortage of manual tools and spare parts needed to work mechanically in use.
To make matters worse, it is stingy to hand over raw materials to student training.
In the past five years, only 12 to 14 of the budget allocations for these colleges have been used for basic inputs.
The state-appointed Mahajan Commission, which is responsible for investigating violations of the Institute, is very critical of the Institute.
Whether it\'s a CNC machine, a fitter lathe for shaping/cutting/polishing objects, vertical, horizontal, and universal milling machines, they\'re not used.
In fact, some equipment for electronic and electrical courses has expired in the life of the lamp for only five years.
All this has to do with training.
Cutting the raw materials that are spending.
The rule states that, if it is an engineering industry, the candidate must be provided with raw materials worth Rs 400 per month. For non-
In the engineering industry, the monthly input cost per student must be Rs 300.
On average, each student spends only Rs 48 per month.
The head, Dayanand Meshram, said that the state had set up a committee to look into these issues and that the panel\'s recommendation was under consideration.
The bigger problem is: of the 7,817 departments approved by the government, 1,916 did not start work due to lack of affiliation, depriving 40,000 students of training.
Again, in 1,862 public sectors --
In the private partnership, 1,495 units have not yet started, which further maintains the training capacity of 30,000 trainees.
2 lakh applicants had to be rejected this year and did not get a seat at ITI;
On the other hand, a source explained that the training capacity of 70,000 trainees could not be put into use.
What is even more confusing is that the permission granted earlier to a particular course was later canceled and agreed to another transaction.
As a result, the mechanical equipment purchased for all these classes is still packed.
The report of the Mahajan Commission states that \"idle machinery purchased for approximately 3,934 departments will need to be transferred . \".
But the state has not acted on the report.
Since 2013, none of the government\'s ITI departments have been affiliated.
On 2014, the supreme body training administration instructed the State Bureau to re-establish
Link all its departments in four years.
However, the bureau did not apply for re-entry due to shortage of manpower, infrastructure and positionsaffiliation.
DGT grants affiliation to the four parameters of construction, infrastructure, manpower and power supply.
\"Due to inadequate construction, deteriorating infrastructure, shortage of manpower and insufficient power supply, the State Council is concerned that existing affiliates will also be canceled
So, in this fear, we have not applied for a re-application. affiliation.
\"The affiliation of the new department, thus increasing the intake, seems to be out of people\'s view,\" an official said . \".
Nevertheless, the machine may have just begun to rot, experts say.
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