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strange women in this city hardly cycle: chinese bizwoman | ludhiana news - times of india

by:QY Precision      2019-11-06
Rudana: 30-year-
Lao Ping, from China, is on a business trip and he enjoys almost everything here, especially Dahl Mahney and palantas.
But the avid cyclist was surprised that women were reluctant to ride.
Ping An of China in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, China joined a group of cyclists from Wuxi to ride along the Sidu canal.
\"Bahut badhia,\" she said after completing the stretch of more than 30 kilometers . \".
But Ping from Guru Kaiji Private Limited, which owns the production of CNC machines, VMC machines and SPM machines, said she found it strange that she did not see a female rider on the road.
This is really strange.
Women in the city should also use bicycles because they can stay healthy and sexy.
Cycling is also a great exercise for others as it keeps you young and energetic.
\"There are a lot of places in China where you can ride a bike on the nominal rent and enjoy it,\" she said . \".
Contrary to the general view, she said she liked the city and thought it was beautiful.
\"I got this cycle from my master Surjit Singh and I told him that I cycle here every day.
I can\'t live without exercise. Cycling is one of the most wonderful sports . \"
The Chinese take them to Africa
But Ping was conquered by the vegetarian diet in Punjab, \"I like dal makani without makhan (white butter)
Lamar and paranthas.
I think it may add weight to eating these things, but it is delicious.
\"In China, we have dinner between six o\'clock P. M. and six o\'clock P. M. , but here, people eat very late, which is one of the reasons for getting fat,\" Ping said . \".
In any case, Ping also lets cyclists do some muscle relaxation exercises during their cycling breaks.
\"I have been in India for the past three and a half years.
\"Next time I\'m going to ride a bike so I can make the most of the bikes here because there are very few bike friends I make,\" she said . \".
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