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stiffness optimization for two-armed robotic sculpting

by:QY Precision      2019-10-07
Purpose -
Recent research suggests that robotic machining is a smart alternative to conventional CNC machines for complex carved surfaces.
One of the challenges of using robotic machining is that due to the cantilever design and low stiffness of the connecting rod, the stiffness is lower than that of conventional machine tools
Torsional stiffness of the executive mechanism.
This paper attempts to determine the optimal trajectory of the manipulator by optimizing the algorithm, so as to maximize the stiffness and thus test this limitation.
Low stiffness problems through integrated off-
Line planning and real linetime re-planner.
During shutdown, the stiffness of the available manipulator is maximized
The linear planning is carried out by using the trajectory resolution method of zero space in the robot processing system.
In response to unmodeled interference, a real
Time track re-
The planner uses time
The scaling method is used to reduce the tool speed, thereby reducing the demand for actuator torque and improving the dynamic stiffness capability of the robot. During real-time re-
When planning, priority is given to conflicting performance standards such as stiffness, collision avoidance and joint limits. Findings -
The algorithm developed can generate a trajectory with a harder structure, thus reducing the torque of the actuator. The real-time re-
When interference is encountered, the planner successfully allows the process plan to continue.
Study restrictions/effects-
The effectiveness of this method is verified by simulation.
Actual impact
Solve the limit of series stiffness
The linked manipulator will make the robot more suitable for processing tasks. The real-time re-
The planning method will allow the robot to become more autonomous when performing a given task.
Integrated off-line and real-
The time planning method has been applied in robot processing.
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