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state grant provides funding for gcc program offering machine training to adults with autism

by:QY Precision      2019-10-29
The Verdugo Labor Development Board received more than $175,000 to train people with autism to operate computersnumerical-
This week, the board announced that control or CNC machines, as well as helping people with disabilities learn other labor skills.
The California Department of Employment Development, in coordination with the California Labor Development Board and the California Department of Labor and Labor development, provided $178,571 to local boards to provide training.
Keeping an eye on us on Facebook> part of the funding will help pay for training scheduled to start on Monday at Glendale Community College, and 20 adults with autism will learn how to operate CNC machines in 10 weeks, judith Velasco, executive director of the Development Committee, said.
\"This is one area we focus on --
Help people who have [disabilities].
\"We have invested a lot of grant money in this area,\" she said . \"
The autism adult training program, known as the unique college of disabled persons, was taken to Glendale Community College after January, the dean of Labor development at the college, Swindon, the two met with Ivan Rosenberg during their tenure at the Los Angeles Economic Development Commission.
Rosenberg, a management consultant and father of two autistic children, has begun to change people\'s perception of putting people with disabilities at a high level of disabilityskilled jobs.
He recognizes that adults with autism can succeed in working as CNC machine operators because the job requires repetitive and highly concentrated work while earning at least $18 an hour.
An open day to measure interest in the College was held last month, attracting dozens of autistic students and their parents.
The new grant is a way to serve the community by putting people on the path to ensuring high returnstech and high-
This is a paid job, Swindon said.
\"It\'s a way to look forward to building more middle classes --
First class work for our staff
\"The Verdugo area needs training,\" she said . \".
\"These are really in the middle --
The class work we have lost since the Great Depression.
Velasco says members of the Verdugo Labor Development Committee
Covering cities such as Glendale, Burbank, La ca ada Flintridge-
It is hoped that the funds will be used to meet the training needs of local residents.
\"We are happy to be able to provide additional training opportunities . . . . . . To achieve any of their training goals . \". --
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