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standing leg curl without a machine

by:QY Precision      2019-10-16
The traditional change of standing leg curl requires a cable weight machine, but as long as you are not worried about establishing maximum strength, you can do the same exercise using an ankle weight or resistance band.
Consult a personal trainer to make sure you do the exercise correctly, and if you feel any pain during or after the exercise, talk to the doctor.
Anatomy and bioengineering standing leg curl with three hamstring muscles as the target-
Biceps femoris, semimembranosus and semimembranosus--
As the main knee flexors.
The exercise also exercises muscles that help bend the knee, including the lower leg, the femoral thin muscle, the Poplar and the sarist muscles.
These muscles during the upward movement, with the shortening of muscle fibers and concentrated contraction
The movement stage of the movement, with the extension of the fiber, in the process of downward movement, there will be an eccentricmovement phase.
The ankle weight bears the ankle weight on each leg to show this change in standing leg curl.
The feet are about 6 inch apart, the toes are forward and stand against the wall.
Keep your hands balanced on the wall, then bend your left knee and move your heel to your hips to gain weight.
Slowly reverse to the starting position and repeat with your right leg.
Continue alternating your legs for the number of repetitions you want.
One end of the resistance band is connected to a solid object near the floor, or there is a partner standing on it, and the other end is carrying a resistance band around your left ankle-
The band change of standing leg curl.
Stand against the object, stay back away from it until the strap is tightened, then bend and repeat the extension of the knee, performing the same movement as the ankle
Weight change.
Complete the number of repetitions you want and switch the legs.
If it is difficult for you to maintain balance, please place a chair nearby and grab it.
Consider if you\'re performing an ankle.
Weight or resistance-
Band changes with standing legs curled, doing at least three workouts a week.
During each training session, three groups of 10 to 20 repetitions were completed for each leg.
If you have a set of resistance bands with ankle weight or different tension, gradually increase the resistance, but reduce the number of repetitions each time you do so.
Do 10 repetitions first and gradually increase more if you can\'t increase the resistance.
Rest for one to two minutes between the two groups.
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