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spirit aerosystems to add 1,400 jobs at wichita facility

by:QY Precision      2019-10-08
Ling AeroSystems Holdings, which provides the most body for Boeing
Hot-selling 737 passenger planes, said on Wednesday, will add 1,400 jobs to facilities in Wichita, Kansas.
Aircraft parts manufacturers said at a press conference that their jobs in commercial and defense projects complement the company\'s 1,000 jobs announced last year and complement the company\'s efforts to expand production capacity.
Boeing, the world\'s largest aircraft manufacturer, has been working hard to cope with delays from Spirit and other suppliers whose production in Seattle is in troublearea 737 plant.
Boeing is currently planning to increase its productivity of 10% aircraft by nearly 737 next year, from 52 to 57 per month.
As it strives to meet the growing global demand for tourism, especially in Asia, it may go higher.
Most of the new jobs will continue to be available to employees who work on an hourly basis, including
Spirit said in a statement that metal assembly machinery, composite machinery and CNC machine operators.
New 150,000 Square-
The global digital logistics center will open as scheduled in Wichita in early 2019.
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