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Spiral rotation of precision machining

by:QY Precision      2020-01-13
In precision machining, in spiral transmission, rectangular lead screw and disassembled lead screw are used for transmission force. Trapezoidal screw is used to transfer power and motion. Static pressure screw and liquid ball wire are mainly used for transmission movement. The static pressure screw is difficult to process and install, and a complex oil supply system is needed, which limits its use. At present, ball screws are mainly used in precision machining transmission, which is an important part of precision transmission and positioning. Liquid bead screw is not only used for precision transmission. It can also be used for precise positioning, which can change the rotating angle displacement into a line displacement. For example, if a dial or calculator is installed at one end of the CNC precision machining ball screw, the relationship between the screw movement is as follows: q/360 = △p/p angle of Q-lead screw; △ P 1 axial displacement corresponding to screw angle; The pitch setting of p-1 screw is 1mm. When Q is 1, △p = 0. 003mm, make the circle scale less than 1, can easily distinguish 0. Axial movement below 001mm. CNC machine tools, machining centers, measuring centers, precision automatic measuring instruments, mechanical automatic control, etc. all use the ball screw transmission surface to obtain high-efficiency, high-precision, high-sensitivity transmission. At present, ball screws have been standardized and serialized and produced by professional CNC machining manufacturers.
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