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Spindle motor for precision machining of mechanical parts

by:QY Precision      2020-01-12
In the processing of precision mechanical parts, the spindle motors used in CNC machine tools are roughly divided into two types: one is a high-power motor with an output gear shaft, and the other is an embedded spindle integral motor, that is, the coil is wrapped around the main shaft and directly rotated by excitation. The programming and Operation parts of CNC machining manufacturers rely on Siemens 840D system, so Siemens accessories are also used to illustrate the working status of servo. In the CNC machining customization process, the motor used in the large boring and milling machine must have a very large torque to meet the machining requirements, such as tapping with a large tap; In addition, the motor also has a higher speed, such as drilling of small holes. The satisfaction of these two extreme situations is often accomplished by combining high-power motors with gear boxes. As a precision mechanical parts processing operator, you must have a special understanding of the spindle motor, and the gearbox transmission part will have a further understanding in the specific mechanical structure behind it, so as to deepen the understanding of the spindle motor for precision mechanical parts processing.
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