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sources: contractor for military committed serious violations

by:QY Precision      2019-09-26
Contractors serving the United StatesS.
According to Pentagon sources, Iraqi and Afghan forces have seriously violated the contract, mainly by inadequate inspections of wires and grounding at U. S. bases.
Pentagon findings in Houston, Texas
Based on KBR\'s death from widely publicized Sgt.
Ryan Maseth, a beautifully decorated 24-year-
Green Beret from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Master was electrocuted while bathing at his base in Baghdad.
His death in January 2 was only one of the many deaths now believed to be related to poor electrical engineering in the United States. S.
Base, managed by the United StatesS.
Contractors, according to Pentagon sources.
The Pentagon\'s Defense Contract Management Agency recently filed a \"three-level corrective action request\" with KBR \"---
Pentagon officials say it will only be released if it is found that the contractor is \"seriously non-compliant\" and is one step lower than the possibility of suspending or terminating the contract.
Pentagon sources told CNN that in the case of KBR, this means that the inspections and efforts made by contractors to ensure the electrical safety of the troops are unacceptable and must be significantly improved.
Just after the shock, Pentagon officials estimated that about a dozen soldiers had been electrocuted in Iraq.
But Pentagon officials now say at least 18 soldiers have been electrocuted since 2003. -
Many of them are caused by faulty lines and improper grounding.
Congressional sources said the figure could be higher than when Afghanistan was included.
\"Regarding Ryan\'s death, I can\'t understand how he died and how well trained he was.
\"They were well trained to survive,\" Master\'s mother Cheryl Harris said in an interview earlier this year . \".
\"It feels so surreal.
It\'s so painful to think about how he died.
\"It\'s largely because Harris is trying to find answers to her son\'s death, United States. S.
In recent months, the Senate and the House have held supervisory hearings, hoping to find out how the electric shock happened.
\"In fact, an assessment was made at this level ---a level three --
\"This is a very serious problem for me and a lot of people,\" Sen said . \".
Robert Casey. Pennsylvania.
\"It\'s really a question about justice.
In this case, the only way we can do justice for the family and for the American people is to have serious accountability.
This has not happened yet.
\"There are still a lot of parties here that are not held accountable for what\'s going on here,\" Casey said . \".
Danielle Bryan, executive director of the Washington government oversight program
Washington-based watchdog says accountability is needed, but when the KBR contract is so important to the war in Iraq, it is difficult to achieve accountability.
\"The problem, of course, is that this is such a big contract,\" Brian said . \".
\"The government is in one place ---
The Pentagon is in a place where they say, \'How can we suspend KBR?
They hosted the show over there.
It\'s so big-
\"It\'s too big to cancel or suspend the contract,\" she added . \".
Brian said that for a company whose KBR operation is estimated to be $24 billion in contracts working in Iraq, \"it\'s just a slap in the face \".
She noted that the government contract for KBR was paid by the United States. S. taxpayers.
\"I think the public should ask the government to be responsible for the contractors and remind the government that this is our money ---
\"We don\'t want our money to be spent like this,\" said Brian . \".
\"We want to make sure that if our money is used to hire contractors in Iraq, then that money is spent well and our troops are protected.
\"Since CNN first reported the death of Maseth last spring, the network has repeatedly asked the Pentagon and its contracting agencies for interviews.
They never agreed to be interviewed to answer questions about the death of Marcy or other similar cases.
KBR declined to comment on the matter, but told CNN earlier that it found that its work was not linked to the reported electric shock.
The company\'s contracts in Iraq are large, covering the responsibility of many different locations, from the maintenance of the United StatesS.
The base provides most of the basic services on the base.
These 18 electric shock accidents occurred at different locations and in different situations.
There are now at least two lawsuits against the KBR, including the Maseth family, who are trying to determine exactly what role (if any ), KBR played a role in the specific circumstances leading to these deaths.
\"I want KBR to be exposed.
Most of all, I just want them to stand up and take care of the rewards they get and do the work they sign up.
\"The most important thing is, let\'s put security and the security of our troops first,\" Harris said . \".
Pentagon officials told CNN that KBR\'s initial corrective efforts were not enough.
KBR must now come up with a corrective plan acceptable to the Pentagon.
The company may still be fined or punished.
So far, the company has not been responsible for any deaths.
The company denied liability in the lawsuit.
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