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solo travel: 5 reasons why this is a growing trend ...

by:QY Precision      2019-10-30
Whether there are more singles now, or we are more comfortable traveling alone, there has been a surge in solo travel consultations and bookings.
It is worth noting that in the United StatesK.
Last year, special tours and cruise packages excluding single travelers were announcedfare add-
In terms of cost, it is usually 100 to the standard rate.
As early as 2010 kilometers ago, the Norwegian cruise company began to provide studio cabins for singles --
Something very popular, the company added these cabins on new ships.
According to an industry website, Visa Global Travel research shows that the number of people traveling alone has increased by 24 percentage points.
Most of the time, these travelers are either the first
Timers, such as those in the 18 to 24 age group who have increased by 37 percentage points, and the number of people who have increased by 32 percentage points.
Vice president Alison Wallace
The president of corporate communications said that one of the reasons why customers seek personal travel is the desire for a sense of cultural immersion, with India and Southeast Asia being the biggest attraction.
This kind of trip doesn\'t just mean eating local food and visiting attractions: it means you are involved in a community project or eating with the locals.
Book tours for a unique experience, such as drinking tea with local elders in the village, or attending a local liturgy.
In fact, travelers in ordinary places like Mexico will visit local schools and distribute supplies to get the first
Experience it yourself or book a bed and breakfast with a local family.
You have to dig around to find the right trip.
A personal tour of Nepal, Finland or Namibia.
Booking a culinary tour is a very popular option, especially for traveling to countries like France or Italy.
But it doesn\'t stop: the proliferation of food lovers looking for a unique experience can take you to Croatia, Peru, or Portugal, among others.
Some trips seem to be beautifying with a meal you have prepared yourself, so look for those that you will learn craft from the chef.
National Geographic Travelers recommend a company and offer a variety of options
A day trip with chefs, market visits and wine tastings.
Tours like this give you enough kitchen time to hone your skills and also have a day trip to soak up the local atmosphere.
These trips are the idea of wanting to work on a skill, meet new friends and single people visiting the area.
As we cope with the overload of our lives, healthy travel is becoming more frequent.
The goals of these trips are yoga enthusiasts, meditation seekers, and those who wish to improve self-care or simply re-experience.
These are Zen destinations, which are expected to receive more than $800 billion in travel markets by next year, and indicate a growing demand for downtime.
There is even a list of the world\'s top digital detox centers, including Bali, Indonesia, reshikesh, India, and Sedona, Arizona, whether you are traveling alone, shopaholics or people seeking excitement, there are follow-up links to build your own trip.
Some of the most popular searches for Canadians are in Costa Rica and Hawaii, Wallace said.
You can start with the help threat and then continue to work and then volunteer to teach English.
There are many opportunities and options, including contacts with hundreds of NGOs seeking help.
Another option is for volunteers who do hiking or hiking in Europe.
Provide accommodation for these leaders.
Canada is looking for Africa and Central America, says Wallace.
Wallace at the battle Center says her company will definitely see more inquiries about solo travel, especially women.
This is a trend noted by Canadian travel writers, and over the past few years more has been created for women traveling to Italy and Morocco.
\"The reason I started hosting these trips was because many women told me that they wanted to join me on one of my adventures, and therefore, for this reason, I carefully planned these experiences. ,” she says.
\"I want to create unforgettable travel for women in such an environment where women can travel safely with people they feel they already know, it\'s natural when you have the presence of social media and write travel articles.
It is beautiful that they find themselves in an intimate environment where they will never feel lonely, but they have room to be alone if they wish.
Spizziri said she found that women love these intimate trips because they can show up on their own, talk to new friends, and build new friendships.
\"Every life has a story, every story has a lesson,\" she said . \".
\"Sometimes, interactions with other women can really change how they think and think about their lives.
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