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soft hands handling hard steel

by:QY Precision      2019-10-13
Steel Gray \"Hull shop\" of Cochin Shipyard Co. , Ltd \"(CSL)
It\'s the world of men.
The high dome structure is the harsh sound of rotating machinery and ready-made equipmentto-be-
Stacking made of marked steel plates, hard hats on protective gear, and scorching flames.
This is a difficult terrain to deal.
Here, people cut, Weld and install cold steel and build ships.
For 33 years, a lonely female welder has happily become a part of the world of technology and machinery. Jagadamba N. K.
Look at you doubtfully, what is curious.
After all, she never felt inappropriate, she said, \"even once in the years I worked \".
Although gender is no longer an urgent issue in this millennium, women working in male-dominated industries are an inspiring group.
There were five women working with 320 men in the Hull workshop, part of the ship\'s components that were ready to be assembled later.
Venugopalan A said that these five people have proven themselves and matched them with men in each department of the job. T.
Assistant engineer, has been working in CSL for the past 37 years.
Jagdamba from Pandalam is very important. of-
Facts about her work
Dressed in blue
Gray uniform, black shoes, light gold jewelry, and a small female red bindhi on her forehead, she is pragmatic about her career choices: \"One has to make a living.
She took an industrial training course in chenannor and was hired.
There was no particular reason why she chose the line, and she recalled that when she joined, there was no female job here.
Jagadamba works on all different types of welders.
The plasma cutting machine and CNC or computerized CNC are more complex, but she started with an electric welder and a flame cutting machine.
Sobhana Kumari from Thriuvanthapuram is a fitter and welder.
She found her life partner at the shipyard and her world seemed to be there.
Satisfied with her work and fulfillmentof-beans the 52-year-
The old man has two children.
While her son is studying hotel management, her daughter is completing her MD.
She said that her husband has always been a pillar of support for her in all her decisions.
Looking back at the early days of her career, she said there was no nursery and no day --
Then there is the care facility.
\"It\'s difficult to balance family and work.
Things have changed now.
Jagdamba also agreed that this situation has greatly improved for women in terms of work and child support.
For any outsider, the work front seems to be a mechanical, technical, gray, secular thing that seems to have an impact on women.
They are excited to be a part of building a ship.
When the MV Rani Padmini, the first ship they built, was launched from the yard in 1981, their joy was unlimited.
They are very proud of their hard work.
Sobhana works on short blasting machines, electronic printing marking manual machines.
Vijayamma in a bright white uniform looks the same as her.
She worked at Hull store for 33 years and gave her the seniority and experience to happily pass on to a small number of young students.
She said that she was trained in industry and \"applied for the job and got it\" played down her efforts to work at every step and match male colleagues. Seema P. S. and Lathika N. S.
It\'s young people who join the field.
They said that after 10 years of training in different departments such as apprenticeship training, company training and air defense forces, they have the ability to work in all departments.
Their children are young and their spouses support them.
They like their work.
Are their work hard?
They seem to have gotten used to the nature of their work and are in it to love it.
At present, they are all excited about the formation of the country\'s first local aircraft carrier (IAC)
Construction is under way in the yard.
This will be a milestone in their life at the shipyard and they will be part of history again.
When they cut, install and weld precisely, on the side, they chat, giggle and enjoy themselves.
Despite being a minority.
Sobhana said that my daughter often wondered how her mother got the job and she won gold in track and field at the Veterans international games in South Korea in 1996.
In 2005 and 2007, she received the Outstanding Performance Award, which was an appreciation for her contribution to the field of sports.
These women were not intimidated by the male district.
They explain their situation in a typical interesting and feminine way.
Jagdamba said so well that she suddenly split, \"We have no problem here.
All men are our sisters!
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