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Smart walkie-talkie, new opportunities for CNC machining customization

by:QY Precision      2020-01-28
With the emergence of new application products in each industry, the CNC machining customization industry will usher in a new wave of opportunities. For example, the previous surveillance camera has enabled many precision mechanical parts processing companies to seize the opportunity of video surveillance systems. All kinds of intelligent technologies have been applied in the field of security, and now the heat of building walkie-talkies has begun to heat up. The opportunity of CNC machining manufacturers in advance has quietly arrived. Video surveillance system is the big part of the security industry, but with the prosperity of the real estate industry, there is a huge market demand for smart walkie-talkie products in both residential and commercial office buildings. In the past, the traditional walkie-talkie produced by precision mechanical parts processing enterprises was too simple to adapt to the requirements of new building intelligence. CNC machining customization can push the walkie-talkie to the intelligent era. There is no doubt that smart homes cannot be separated from CNC machining customization, and the combination of smart walkie-talkies in smart communities has gradually become the development trend of the industry. CNC machining manufacturers can provide the most important equipment for smart communities and will play an irreplaceable role in manufacturing in community informatization and improving living quality. The concept of interconnection of all things advocated in the 5G era will provide more application scenarios for CNC machining customization industry. The traditional building intercom products in the precision mechanical parts processing industry have begun to withdraw from the market, and CNC machining manufacturers are more focused on intelligent products integrating face recognition and mobile communication, security systems in smart communities play an important role.
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