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skill development competition

by:QY Precision      2019-08-28
The five candidates for Coimbatore, Udumalpet, Pune and Bengaluru have about four hours to program software and components on CNC machines based on the drawings provided to them.
All those under the age of 22 participated in the preliminary selection of candidates for the World Skills International competition, held in Abu Dhabi in next November.
On December 12-14, the National Skills Development Corporation and the Federation of Indian Industries organized the preliminary competition here at the GEDEE Technical Training Institute.
Each candidate can complete the project in four hours in three days.
Three of the five candidates will participate in the pre-registration
The final will be held in Bangalore.
From there, two candidates will be selected for the final in New Delhi, and one candidate will participate in the World Skills International competition in the CNC Operations category.
Candidates from India will participate in 45 skills competitions in Abu Dhabi.
Candidates from Bengaluru and Pune trained for Bengaluru and Coimbatore from the region.
According to competitors, this gives them more practical knowledge and theoretical contact with the functions of software on CNC.
At the World Skills Competition held in Canada in 2009, one of the silver medal winners trained in Kota Kinabalu.
Candidates representing India in the competition cannot participate again.
Coimbatore is the center of this year\'s regional round of CNC operation and plastic mold engineering.
Four candidates participated in the recently held plastic mold engineering project here.
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