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simple cnc machine

by:QY Precision      2019-10-07
This is a quick introduction to what software is used to make a CNC machine do something.
Software for making DXF and g-
The code works on Windows Linux or Mac.
Software for operating the stepping motor EMC2, a TurnKey linux distribution with EMC2 CNC applications installed and ready for use.
You will need to read the introductory guide to EMC2 to help you set up the software. EMC2 reads G-
The code that is then used to control the machine. To produce G-
Code, first of all, you need to draw what you want to cut in a package like Google SketchUpor AutoCad 123.
The program needs to be able to export a file type called DXF, and if you are using google SketchUp, you will need to install a plugin once you have finished drawing (
Make sure your size is right)
Export to DXF (select lines)
Now that it\'s exported, you need to go to g-
Code, this can be done by using a program called \"dxf2gcode\" all you need to do is open the dxf2gcode to export the g-of the DXF file-code.
The files that have been generated can now be opened on EMC2Well, that\'s all.
I won\'t pretend that everything will go smoothly once it\'s built, but it will let you try and build your cnc skills.
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