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siemens centre at nit-t seeks to scale up skill training

by:QY Precision      2019-11-03
Siemens Manufacturing Excellence Center, National Institute of Technology-Tiruchi (NIT-T)
Skills Development courses are being offered in cooperation with technical institutions.
With 12 complex laboratories such as design and verification, advanced manufacturing, testing and optimization, automation, electrical and energy saving, process meters, mechatronics, CNC machines, CNC controllers, robots, etc. , so far, the center has established rapid prototyping and the internet of things, working with three engineering colleges to provide students with opportunities for innovation.
Since taking office last year by Prakash Javdekar, then Union Human Resources Development Minister, CoE has provided skills training to about 100 students.
At present, the center has signed a memorandum of understanding with three engineering colleges: the National Institute of Engineering, covelpatti;
Tiruchi College of Engineering and technology;
And Mahendra Institute of Engineering.
M. partnerships are being established with six other institutions
Duraiselvam, head of the Siemens center, said.
\"We look forward to expanding the number of beneficiaries of skills training at the center,\" he said . \".
As a cross-cutting industry
CoE is a supportive center designed to bridge the gap between industry needs and technical education, which will make the technical college more in line with industry needs and prepare engineering graduate students for the industry
Said director Mini Shaji Thomas.
She said CoE also provides consulting services for industries such as automation, product development, process optimization, workshop design, and skills upgrading for existing employees in the latest technology.
After successful completion of the course and assessment, the student will be presented by Siemens CoE-NIT-
Pvt, Siemens industrial software. Ltd. And Bangalore-
Headquartered in 2014 under the Indian manufacturing initiative, Amar technology provides a platform for young people to learn technology at a low cost, bridging their knowledge gap for rapid employment in domestic and international industries.
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