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shooting rampage in california highlights \"ghost guns\" and their dangers

by:QY Precision      2019-08-30
Gunmen who killed their wife and four other people in a riot in northern California this week found an easy way to bypass a court order banning him: he built himself at home.
Kevin Janson Neal, 44, holds the weapons that the authorities consider to be two senior officers.
On Tuesday, when he opened fire on families, cars and primary schools around his hometown of Rancho Tema reserve, he made his own electric rifle.
The last deputy shot him dead.
The neighbor of the shooting gunman in California lives in fear of him. Workers at California elementary school have avoided the \"terrible massacre \".
At the same time as the use of automatic weapons in a crime, the federal authorities attempted to draw attention to the dangers posed by these \"ghost guns\", which \"do not contain registration numbers that can be used to track them.
In Baltimore, a man uses a homemade AR. 15-
Four police officers were shot on July 2016.
They shot him dead.
Trend News Google cloud service disruption missing connadik state mom Virginia Beach shooting protesters it\'s legal to interrupt Harris to make guns at home or in a workshop and at 3-
Printing and milling make it easier to do so.
Legally purchase kits for $450 to $1,000 from hundreds of websites without the required background checks for traditional gun purchases.
\"The greater the legal restrictions on people buying guns, we will see these criminals build their own guns,\" said Phil Johnston, Tehama County Assistant Sheriff . \".
\"That\'s what they did.
\"In Neil\'s case, Kevin Jenson Neil Tema County Sheriff\'s Office, earlier this year, under a restraining order against him, he was ordered to give up all guns, he was accused of attacking two women living nearby.
He signed a document in February saying that he had handed over a 9mm pistol to a gun store, which also proved that.
When Neil was arrested, police seized a vehicle.
Half Jungle MasterAutomatic Rifle.
In Tuesday\'s violence, officials said he randomly selected targets and stole two cars as he crossed the town.
One and a half.
Automatic rifles and two pistols.
According to CBS News reporter Jamie uckas, a stolen vehicle, a white truck with bullet holes on the windshield, was removed from the area on Tuesday night.
The authorities knew that Neil had been arrested at least once before.
His neighbors complained that he had fired multiple rounds of bullets before Tuesday\'s deadly incident.
\"He\'s a bad guy and I won\'t honor him in any way.
\"He attacked my school,\" Johnston said . \".
Although it is legal to make ghost guns, it is not legal to sell ghost guns.
Federal officials have sounded the alarm for the growing homemade military black market.
Semi-automatic rifles and pistols.
Can mass shooting spread like a disease?
Gun manufacturers are emerging across the country, especially in California, which has strict gun laws.
By 2019, people who own or manufacture homemade guns in California will have to apply for the state\'s serial number and paste it permanently on the weapon.
The key component for making a non-traceable gun is the one known as the lower receiver, usually made of metal or polymer.
Unfinished receiver-
Sometimes called \"80-
Receiver percentage-
It can be purchased legally on the Internet, no serial number or other marks are required, and no license is required.
It\'s relatively simple to convert a metal sheet into a gun for just a few hours.
A drill press or metal cutting machine called computer digital control or CNC is used to make several holes on the receiver and discharge a cavity well.
The receiver is then combined with several other components to make a fully functional semi-automatic rifle or pistol.
Ghost guns are increasingly present at crime scenes and are purchased from gang members and other criminals by federal agents of Alcohol, Tobacco, guns and explosives.
It\'s hard to say how many people are on the street.
In many cases, the police department did not even contact the ATF because guns could not be tracked.
Cody Wilson\'s guns in Chicago run a website that sells unfinished receivers and a CNC machine that specializes in the manufacture of ghost guns, saying that although there is no law requiring him to conduct background checks, he tried to take precautions to ensure that weapons were not used illegally.
For example, he said he would not sell to foreigners.
Wilson says he sells about 175 Ghost Gunner machines for about $1,700 a month.
Buyers can use them over and over to grind guns.
Wilson says most of his customers are gun lovers and survivors who just like to build their own army --style weapons.
\"It\'s a real excitement,\" he said . \"
However, Paul Ware, a lawyer at ATF in Los Angeles, says criminals see guns as a way to circumvent federal laws banning them from owning them.
\"The unfinished receiver is a complete workaround because the banned person does not need to provide any identification,\" Ware said . \".
\"You just have to send it to your home and you can get the exact same gun in the store.
Some illegal gun manufacturersstop shopping --
Ware said they made guns and sold them on site.
Authorities say Anthony Keeling runs a business in a motorcycle shop by the river, where he completes the receiver and sells it illegally.
Earlier this year, Kipling admitted federal charges and was sentenced to four months in prison.
In another case, a business tried to bypass the federal firearms licensing requirements, claiming to sell barbecue and give away ghost guns for free every purchase.
\"It\'s like a parting gift,\" Ware said . \"
\"You don\'t get beans and hot dogs, but AK\" rifles.
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