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Shenzhen hardware processing factory: analysis of oil leakage during CNC machining

by:QY Precision      2020-03-24
For laymen, CNC machining sounds a bit vague, but it is a part processing process. Friends who have been exposed to CNC machining are different. Just like CNC machining, there are some problems in the machining process, such as oil leakage. In fact, it is easy to see the oil leakage position of the machining center. The oil leakage phenomenon is mainly caused by the accessories, or the oil leakage of the CNC lathe cylinder. If it is an accessory, maintenance is very simple. If it is a cylinder and then it is very troublesome, it will seriously cause the machine to be scrapped. Let's study the causes of oil leakage during CNC machining. 1. Oil change does not meet the requirements and often causes oil leakage during CNC machining. The problems in oil change are mainly manifested in three aspects. First, for parts using high-viscosity lubricating oil, changing low-viscosity lubricating oil at will affect the sealing performance of the corresponding box body, shaft hole and so on, and sometimes greatly reduce the sealing performance of these parts; Second, if the oil tank is not cleaned during oil change, the dirt in the oil tank may enter the lubrication system, blocking the oil circuit and wearing the seal to cause oil leakage; Third, there is too much fuel consumption during oil change, especially in the parts with rotating parts. Due to the stirring effect of rotating parts, oil spill is more likely to occur. 2. Oil leakage caused by improper selection and adjustment of lubrication system parts. For example, CNC machining and maintenance personnel choose oil pumps with too high pressure or too large oil output during maintenance, or adjust system pressure, the pressure regulation of the relief valve, safety valve, pressure reducing valve, etc. is too high, and the flow of the CNC machine tool lubrication system is too large to match the oil return system and the sealing system, which will cause oil leakage. In fact, it is not only the above points that cause oil leakage during CNC machining. If we encounter similar problems in operation, we must check them well and find out the causes in time to avoid unnecessary losses. Finally, remind everyone to do a comprehensive inspection after the CNC machining center is purchased to see if there are any casting defects or parts damage, and if so, contact the manufacturer in time. The following points should also be paid attention to when operators use cnc machining process to process workpieces: a. For the first trial cutting process of cnc machining, single-stage operation mode should be used for machining; B. When the numerical control milling machine starts to run automatically, the fast magnification and feed magnification S are in the lowest gear, and then the efficiency is improved after cutting into the workpiece; C. In the operation of CNC milling machine machining program, attention should be paid to the coordinate display of CNC system; D. It is forbidden to touch CNC milling machine tools and chips by hand. The chip must be cleaned with a brush.
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