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Shenzhen hardware factory takes you to understand CNC lathe processing

by:QY Precision      2020-03-22
What is CNC lathe processing? Upon hearing this question, everyone must know that it is not a question raised by insiders, so what is CNC lathe processing? Let's analyze it together. CNC machining refers to the way of using CNC and programming and non-human operation in CNC machining language. CNC machining not only has artificial traditional machining experience, but also has high skilled operation technology, at the same time, numerical control machining has a very high density. Using the language of numerical control coding with G code can not only tell the machining tool of numerical control machine tool which Cartesian position coordinates to use, it also has the functions of accurately and accurately controlling the spindle speed and feed speed of the tool, as well as the related coolant and tool converter, and at the same time makes our production workers more efficient and reusable, it reduces some inoperable shortcomings of human beings. Compared with traditional processing, modern numerical control processing has been widely used in our life and various work processing and manufacturing, at present, most of the machining workshops have your ability to CNC machining. The most common CNC machining methods in typical machining workshops are CNC lead, CNC car and cnc edm first cutting. The common tools for CNC machining in Shenzhen hardware processing manufacturers include CNC machining center and data vehicle control center. G code programming (G code can be artificially processed and transformed) Usually, we call the tool for numerical control lead a numerical control machining center, and the lathe for vehicle control cutting is called a numerical control lathe center. Usually, the machining workshop automatically reads and generates G code programs with CAM software, so as to control the CNC machine tool. The development of modern technology is getting faster and faster. The needs of people's lives and the development of society are inseparable from non-human operations based on computer programming and code. Can better meet our needs, so it is necessary to understand more and widely used and widely known. CNC lathe machining uses digital information to control the movement of the machine tool and the machining process. It has high speed, reliability, multi-function, intelligent and open structural development structure intelligent all-in-one air-energy numerical control device is also an important indicator to measure the national technological development level, comprehensive national strength and information technology modernization, especially in Air China, biology, medical care and high-tech industries, it has played an immeasurable role and is also a reflection of the level of national strength, therefore, improving this technology is an important way to improve the country's comprehensive national strength and status. Therefore, in contrast, the traditional machining manufacturing industry is not only inefficient, but also often has some uncontrollable factors, which makes our work far less than expected, the workload is large and the requirements for our technicians are high, so there will be certain periodicity and limitations of work. Therefore, the use of digital numerical control machining technology is particularly important, not only with high working efficiency, but also with simple repetition and some fine work with high precision, human eyes and unrealizable, CNC can be implemented simply, accurately, quickly and efficiently, and perfectly completed with artificial change of G code and control of programming language, from this point of view, it seems perfect to know that the cost and capital cost of CNC machining in our book are more expensive than traditional machining, but perfection is worth having better, in the future, we need to pursue perfection and develop perfect high-tech industries to better benefit us.
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