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Shenzhen CNC precision mechanical parts processing, embrace the Internet

by:QY Precision      2020-01-14
Under the new normal, China's economic downward pressure has increased, and CNC precision mechanical parts processing has begun to feel the pain of transformation. Material costs and labor costs remain high, orders for CNC precision machining in the domestic market are weak, and procurement demand in the international market is not as strong as before, shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers must face the pressure of transformation. The intensification of competition in the CNC parts processing market has brought the traditional means of pulling customers of Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers to an end, and it is impossible to adapt to the development of the mobile Internet era. With the implementation of China's manufacturing 2025 plan and the transformation and upgrading of CNC lathe parts processing manufacturing industry, CNC precision machining industry will surely usher in unprecedented development opportunities. But at the same time, it is worrying that many Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers are still mostly small workshops, small companies and small manufacturers, with outdated equipment, lack of personnel and backward management, mainly for other enterprises to do CNC parts processing, without their own products, the dependence on non-standard mechanical parts processing orders is very strong, and the anti-risk and anti-strike ability is very weak. If these Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers do not think about change, innovative thinking in innovative technology, equipment renewal, talent training, network marketing, etc. , will be eliminated by ruthless market sites. As a traditional enterprise, CNC precision machining must adapt to the trend and bring forth new ideas. How to break through the current predicament and find new marketing channels is the key. With Internet thinking, establish a professional operation team, build your own company website platform, make full use of social media platforms such as Alibaba International station, and apply for entry into the industry vertical website, multi-channel access to online marketing channels is the only way in the Internet era.
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