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Shenzhen CNC machining factory--Quality assurance

by:QY Precision      2020-01-21
I believe that most CNC precision mechanical parts processing customers are looking for local hardware parts processing manufacturers to cooperate, this principle is for convenience. However, the geographical restrictions are fully competitive, and often the final CNC lathe processing effect is not ideal. If you want to pursue quality assurance, you still need to look at the hardware parts processing factory outside, such as Shenzhen CNC processing factory. Just like a customer who needs to find Shanghai CNC processing customization, he found a small metal sheet metal processing factory to cooperate. Of course, the results were unexpected. The accuracy of the customer's 3D drawings was too high, and the finished products at the back did not meet the requirements at all. The general three-axis machine cannot process this high-precision structure. This also led to the loss of the previous cost. This is just about to find a regular CNC machining customization partner to solve this highly precise part. As a CNC machining factory in Shenzhen, we can understand the feelings of this customer. We often encounter such customer cases. It is very troublesome to find unnecessary losses for the first time to find a small factory cooperation. After reading the relevant cases of our Shenzhen CNC machining factory, the customer confirmed that we should be a reliable CNC precision machining enterprise. I found the technical department to communicate and was very satisfied when I learned that there were multiple five-axis processing machines. The three-axis machine used by the small factory has been unable to form a complex surface. This time, the five-axis machine is customized for CNC machining, and there is definitely no problem. Since then, he has established a deep friendship with this Shanghai customer. In the long run, if you want CNC to process customized products, you can help you earn more benefits and open up a larger market before a large number of mold opening processing, you must choose a regular precision mechanical parts processor to cooperate with you in order to avoid the trouble mentioned above.
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