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Shenzhen CNC machining factory, patience for surprise

by:QY Precision      2020-01-18
To do CNC precision mechanical parts processing business, the most worrying thing is that the customer's inquiry has not been listed at the critical time. No way to contact, the phone does not pick up, the Mail will not, Skype does not respond, this is actually very common in the foreign trade process. Two months ago, a customer of CNC precision machining made an inquiry, but when the final order was placed, the customer seemed to have the same news. I thought this time I couldn't do it. I didn't expect this customer to contact Shenzhen CNC machining factory today and explain the drawing modification of CNC precision parts machining some time ago. Now it has been basically confirmed, I hope we can re-offer the price of CNC machining in Shenzhen. However, the customer only has drawings, and there is no processing technology and materials. Shenzhen CNC machining technology department has suggested two solutions to customers. However, customers are not very satisfied with both options. CNC parts processing still needs to be done, that is, the budget is low, but the processing standards are very strict and must be quite wear-resistant. Shenzhen CNC machining factory carefully evaluated the customer's needs and proposed another processing method. The customer readily accepted and the cooperation continued. For the first time, we always try our best to fight for it, but the price is secondary. I often meet this kind of customer who hasn't heard from me for a long time and suddenly come to me. The most important thing for CNC precision machining customer service is to maintain a communication patience. Considering problems from the customer's point of view, we can communicate with the customer's heart and mind, which is of great significance to building mutual trust and good business partnership. Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers have been practicing the mission of CNC precision machining with practical actions: let the company, employees and customers grow together and realize their dreams together.
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