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Shenzhen CNC machining factory, beware of liquidity risk

by:QY Precision      2020-01-18
For the CNC lathe processing industry, when the market is good, Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers are making a lot of money, and there is no need to consider the liquidity risk. Many new businesses can start production lines, and the production capacity of CNC aluminum products processing is getting bigger and bigger. If more and more orders are placed and the production line is fully started, the scale effect of CNC lathe processing profit will begin to appear. However, people are not as good as days, and the market for CNC aluminum products processing does not always develop according to the design idea. Recently, Shenzhen has provided support for 48 listed private enterprises involving 20 billion yuan, mainly helping them solve liquidity risks. Among them, there are enterprises from CNC lathe processing. Due to fluctuations in the capital market, the liquidity risk of major shareholder stock pledge began to appear, and the control of some CNC lathe processing enterprises was in jeopardy. At this time, the government had to use 'tangible hands' to help these enterprises tide over the difficulties. Why do these big-name CNC lathe processing companies have this situation? In fact, it is still related to blind expansion. When the market is good, stocks are constantly rising, and major shareholders are busy with stock pledge and get more development funds to build a new CNC lathe processing production line. The new production line has just been built, the money has been spent almost, the domestic and international environment has experienced new turmoil, orders for CNC aluminum products processing have begun to decrease, and the production line can only be idle, at this time, there was a crisis in liquidity. For many Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers, we must always pay attention to liquidity risks. Not every company is so lucky to have a listed company, the government will help. Ordinary CNC lathe processing enterprises can only rely on themselves, not only take the initiative to actively seek orders for CNC aluminum products processing, but also cannot blindly expand the production line.
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