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Shenzhen CNC machining customization, dust-free workshop fuel injection technology

by:QY Precision      2020-01-16
For Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers, many of the large customers of CNC machining customization come from medical and health device enterprises. They have a lot of CNC machining customization business and are an indispensable partner for precision mechanical parts processing enterprises. Although there are several CNC precision machining suppliers, they often change precision machining parts processing plants, which are euphemistically called better service. Recently, a medical device company's procurement search 'Shenzhen CNC machining customization' found our Shenzhen CNC machining factory. The customer first sent out drawings inquiry for metal sheet metal processing, CNC stainless steel processing, CNC aluminum products processing and copper products processing, and the customer service sent him the company's information, the next day, I made an appointment to visit Shenzhen CNC machining factory. For a long time, our hardware parts processing factory has especially welcomed customers to visit the factory. As long as the customer is impressed by the CNC machining factory in Shenzhen, he will place an order one day. The transaction depends on persistence and keeps in touch with customers. Cooperation is a natural thing. When the customer came to our hardware parts processing factory, he showed him the products he had made before and was very satisfied. The technical department specially invited customers to visit the dust-free workshop of Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers. Before CNC precision machining and injection, they need to wear anti-static clothes and air shower rooms to be spotless when processing and injection of precision mechanical parts. The customer signed the contract at the scene and clinched the deal. In the process of CNC machining customization, the customer service took pictures of each link to the customer. The follow-up service of Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers is very in place, and it is also very reassuring to customers. When the shipment is made, the three-dimensional test report is attached to it. If you need to find a Shenzhen CNC machining factory with a lot of fuel injection, welcome to visit and discuss cooperation.
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