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Shenzhen CNC lathe processing--24 hours boot

by:QY Precision      2020-01-14
In the CNC machining industry, it is not easy to find a Shenzhen CNC machining factory that can cooperate for a long time. Many CNC lathe processing customers first cooperated with most of the processing plants are not as expected, so we need to continue to find suitable CNC precision machinery processing plants. Some time ago, Mr. Wang of Foshan found our Shenzhen CNC machining factory by searching for 'Shenzhen CNC machining. Mr. Wang's company needs to do a batch of metal CNC parts for mold opening, and the online customer service of Shenzhen CNC machining factory received him. Through the brief communication between customer service and Mr. Wang, it is known that because the customer company needs to take CNC parts to open the mold, the requirements for CNC precision machining accuracy are also relatively high. Moreover, because Mr. Wang had previously cooperated with CNC parts processing manufacturers in other places, but because the accuracy did not meet the requirements, he wasted some time. Therefore, this time looking for Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers, the time left is not much, the delivery is also more urgent. However, after 24 hours of processing by Shenzhen CNC machining factory, the technical department sent the CNC precision machining model to Mr. Wang's company on time after working overtime. If you have CNC parts processing, or non-standard mechanical parts processing, or CNC lathe processing, you need to find CNC precision machinery processing factory, you may wish to look at Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers, more than 10 years of CNC parts processing experience, double confidentiality agreement, with dozens of CNC machining equipment, including five-axis machines. When doing CNC precision machining, our machining accuracy can reach 0. , 24 hours to start work, to ensure the customer's limited shipping date, won the customer's praise.
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