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Shandong CNC precision mechanical parts processing, accelerating intelligent transformation-Shenzhen CNC machining factory

by:QY Precision      2020-02-07
With China's economic development entering a new normal, the shortage of labor in the traditional CNC precision machinery processing industry is becoming more and more serious. The new generation after the 90 s is no longer willing to stick to the manufacturing positions of CNC precision mechanical parts processing, CNC machining manufacturers must find a new way out. Through the implementation of innovation-driven development strategy, We will comprehensively promote the innovation of CNC parts processing and intelligent manufacturing technology, and build intelligent CNC machining manufacturers, it has become an inevitable way out for Shandong province to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional CNC parts processing manufacturing industry and adapt to social development in recent years. According to the plan, by 2022, key areas of Shandong's traditional CNC parts processing and manufacturing industry will basically realize digital manufacturing, and key CNC precision machining enterprises with good conditions and foundation will basically realize intelligent transformation. Some backward CNC machining manufacturers with insufficient production scale will inevitably be eliminated. By 2022, the penetration rate of digital research and development design tools for CNC parts processing enterprises in Shandong province will reach more than 72%, and the numerical control rate of key processes of CNC parts processing enterprises above designated size will reach more than 57%, the number of robots for 200 people will reach more than, and Shandong CNC parts processing and manufacturing industry will rank first in terms of digitalization and intelligence in China; Before and after the implementation of the pilot demonstration project of intelligent CNC parts processing and manufacturing, the operating cost of CNC lathe processing was reduced by 20%, the product development cycle was shortened by 20%, the production efficiency was increased by 20%, and the energy utilization rate was increased by 13%, the defective rate of non-standard mechanical parts should be greatly reduced. After careful calculation by CNC parts processing experts, intelligence is not out of reach and unattainable, but accelerates the development of CNC machining manufacturers. Through the joint efforts of the mechanical parts processing industry, it can be achieved, it can also reflect the quality and benefit of intelligent manufacturing development.
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