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Seven advantages analysis of CNC machine tools

by:QY Precision      2020-03-28
Before programming, the processed parts should be analyzed, the processing scheme should be drawn up, the appropriate tool should be selected, and the cutting amount should be determined. In programming, some process problems, such as tool points and processing routes, also need to be dealt. Therefore, Process Analysis in programming is very important. When machining parts on ordinary machine tools, the operation procedures of each process are specified by process regulations or process cards, and the operator processes parts according to the steps specified on the process cards. When processing parts on the CNC machine, all the process, process parameters and displacement data to be processed should be programmed and controlled by the machine tool. The machining process of CNC machine tools is basically the same as that of ordinary machine tools in principle, but the whole process of CNC machining is carried out automatically, so it has its own characteristics: 1. The content of the process is complicated. This is because the CNC machine tool is more expensive than the ordinary machine tool. If only the simple process is economically uneconomical, the more complicated process is usually arranged on the CNC machine, even processes that are difficult to complete on ordinary machine tools. 2. The arrangement of work steps is more detailed. This is because of the problems that need not be considered in the processing technology of ordinary machine tools, such as the arrangement of work steps in the process, the tool point, the tool change point and the determination of the processing route, in the preparation of CNC machine tool processing technology can not be ignored. 3, rely on the program to complete all process. 4, numerical control machine tool processing procedure is the numerical control machine tool of mandatory your files. 5, CNC machine tools are controlled by the program instructions, the whole process of processing is automatically carried out according to the program instructions. 6. The CNC machine tool machining program not only includes the process of the parts, but also includes the process parameters necessary to complete the process, such as cutting amount, feed route, tool size number and machine tool movement process. 7. High numerical control machining efficiency, high machining accuracy, low labor intensity and strong adaptability to different workpieces.
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