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Set Suitable Machining Depth

by:QY Precision      2020-07-10
How to Set Suitable Cutting Machining Depth? When various material quality tools engrave on different hardness materials, there will be a most suitable down depth, which is probably the most reasonable cutting parameters. It rationally uses the cutting performance and properties of cnc milling machine and lathe, on the premise of guaranteeing production quality, this machining data will get higher productivity and low manufacturing cost. Cutting data per unit = machining (feed) depth * width (path distance) * feed rate. Milling machined work can often be divided into rough finish, semi-finishing and finishing. In rough finishing, it should remove all allowance to as much as possible. If with big allowance, in order decide cutting conditions, you must consider the power of cnc router equipment and tool bits strength, avoid large shake and router bits broken due to the big strike. In finishing process, the limitation of working precision and surface roughness is your main consideration factors. This cannot meet your demand, then think about adding half-finishing treating program. Package can balance the remaining before finishing process, then reach the satisfied working effects. In a word, confirming cut output should think over the power of cnc engraving machinery and end mill cutter intensity, also including pc or google tv system rigidities. For carbide cutter, when engraving marbles, tiles, yellow brick, slabs, blue stone and limestone, the carving depth per tooth could be set about 1mm. However for diamond tools series, the down feed could be accordingly adjusted to rrn excess of 2mm deepness. But anyone have engrave on natural granite and jade such form of high hardness level materials, we advise sintered diamond bits and PCD diamond tools series. Besides, the to note is: do not set high in the down feed rate and feed depth. You could try lower machining depth and little faster manufacturing speed, then in this way, the efficiency will not be slow too. Secondly, the feed rate settings and adjustment likewise closely related to the carved letters size. In accordance conditions, you could apply 50-60 speeds. Generally, while cut high precision and smooth small characters, the speed cannot be higher than 40. When you need engraving large quantities of big characters, and period limit is very tight (required to be finished in short time), then vital set 70, 180 speed. But there is a problem: generally if the motor steps are big, there will be obvious saw tooth. So really should set up the most suitable rate parameters on the cornerstone of different specific factors.
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