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Screw-nut pair clearance elimination mechanism for precision mechanical parts processing

by:QY Precision      2020-01-12
Figure 15- 33 shows the regulation of the screw-nut pair clearance of the screw machining machine in the machining of precision mechanical parts. In CNC machining customization, the control mechanism is the clearance elimination mechanism between the transverse feed trapezoidal screw and the semi-nut of the M1432A high-precision grinding machine. If there is a gap, it will affect the repeated positioning of the grinding wheel, it also affects the accuracy of horizontal working feed. To this end, a column-type smell cylinder is installed next to the quick inlet and outlet hydraulic cylinders. When the machine tool is working, the pressure oil is always turned on to keep the plunger sticking to the block on the fixed grinding wheel frame, the direction of this jacking force is consistent with the direction of radial grinding force of the grinding wheel, thus ensuring that the nut is always close to one side of the lead screw in precision mechanical parts processing and eliminating the influence of clearance.
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