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‘saw huge surge in demand for machine tools in 2017’

by:QY Precision      2019-11-02
Ace manufacturing systems, a machine tool manufacturer in the automotive, aerospace and medical industries, has opened a second plant in Bengaluru at a cost of Rs 80 and plans to add a third plant in five years, because it is betting that demand for its products will continue to grow strongly.
General Manager P. \"this year, we saw a substantial increase in demand for machine tools . \"
Ramadas said in an interview.
\"While demand has picked up, supply has unfortunately declined.
We have now taken remedial measures and hope to reduce the lead time of our machines in the coming months.
\"The second factory will be CNC from the current 1,200 computers (CNC)
More than 3,000 machines, sir. Ramdas said.
The normal machine is manually controlled by the hand wheel or lever, while in the CNC machine, the computer performs pre-
The program sequence of the command.
The company\'s customers in the automotive sector include Daimler Group, Jaguar Land Rover, Bentley, Maserati, BMW and Volvo.
About 70% of the company\'s machines are sold to auto companies.
It also provides machines for engineering, defense, electricity, oil, gas and energy companies.
\"Our goal is to be able to produce and sell machines to the full capacity of this plant by 2021.
Currently, we have offices in 15 countries.
By strengthening the relationship with dealers and introducing dealers in new markets, our focus on export markets will continue . \"Ramadas said.
The company also acquired 50 acres of land near Bengaluru.
\"We believe that the bullish trend of India will continue in the next three years.
Minor correction for 5 years. . .
If this trend continues as expected, we will start using the land by 2022.
\"The company expects revenue to grow to rupee this year, from revenue for the 12 months ended March 2017 to rupee.
The company exports machines to Australia, Thailand, Japan, China, Germany, France and the United States. S. A.
Finland, Russia and the United States. K.
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