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san francisco couple and their two cats found dead after they were poisoned by carbon monoxide

by:QY Precision      2019-09-16
A San Francisco couple and their two cats died of carbon monoxide poisoning.
On Monday, 35-year-old Roger Morash and 32-year-old wife Valerie Morash and their pets were found dead in an apartment in Berkeley, California.
A law enforcement official said Friday that MIT graduates died of carbon monoxide poisoning at home.
The couple are using a laser 3D printer to enter their residence, according to CBS San Francisco Bay area.
According to news media reports, the couple\'s body and two cats were found by a friend in four apartments on Dickson Street, where the couple has lived for seven years.
According to the Chicago Tribune, researchers at the Illinois Institute of Technology warn users of the potential danger of using 3D printers in their homes.
When used in industry, the use of lasers on certain types of plastics by the machine releases toxic gases, including carbon monoxide and hydrogen ammonia.
One of Roger\'s former colleagues.
The workers told tvu: \"They are modest people, well educated and obviously very talented.
\"But they stand up and do their things every day, and they are just the best people you have ever seen.
Morash\'s memorial service was held on Friday. the participants said the two men were talented and modest and kind.
After the couple\'s sudden death, a GoFundMe began helping them pay for getting friends and family into town for a funeral.
It raised more than $15,000 in three days.
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