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sam lennon\'s favourite things

by:QY Precision      2019-10-08
Sam Lennon is behind the Lennon project, a new furniture design company focused on furniture, items and other designs --
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His background is architecture (
He has worked in the construction company Fearon Hay)
He is passionate about design and architecture.
Lennon\'s creation is modern and has a sense of humor.
It\'s like a \"Fickett Penny\" stool and bench seat made of recycled picketing fence palings, or a \"cocaine cube\" and \"Cocaine and coffee table\" wearing a diagonal edge\"edged mirrors.
Lennon told us about his favorite things, past and present.
And how they told him about his work.
10 favorite things
Brutalism is a Architectural style/sport that I think originated in Brazil.
Its core is the original aesthetics that is stripped off, and may be most recognized by the extreme use of rough \"in situ\" concrete.
Recently in Brazil, I had the opportunity to visit many of the buildings designed by my favorite architects, including Paul Mendes da Rocha, Lina bobadi and Oscar ni. 2. Mid-
My favorite period of architecture is century architecture and design.
Not only did I like the architectural and furniture design of this period, but I also liked the presentation techniques.
The impact of Richard Neutra and Ray and Charles Eames continues. 3.
Mexican art many Mexican art are closely linked to death and/or celebrating death.
I brought my girlfriend a silver jewelry box with skull carvings from a small craft shop in Sayulita, Mexico. 4.
Jim Phillips is one of my favorite graphic designers, who is responsible for the best skate graphics in over 1980 years.
It may be a man thing, but I like all the courage, the brain and the bright colors. 5. D. L. & Co.
A company that produces all kinds of candles
I recently bought a hand-shaped candle called \"Vena Amoris \".
The candles are creepy but beautiful.
And a new one.
The head of the Lady of classical style, when lit, it will shed tears. 6.
Simon James designed a showroom and warehouse to sell the best furniture and international lighting products in New Zealand. 7.
My great-grandfather was a European, and he made complicated Gross profit carvings.
These are family biography heir, which has been passed down through the family, and it\'s great to think that they are crafted by someone directly related to you. 8.
A new dress, art and item
Focus store on 504 K Road Auckland.
In-store inventory 1-
Works of some artists and designers and are curated for foreverchanging theme. 9.
These machines are very good and very precise.
Many of the furniture I have designed, such as this \"inverted cube\", is assisted by using a computer or a CAD program.
This is combined with the materials I use and relies on these machines to implement the design. 10.
The Bmk chair, known as the \"butterfly chair\", was designed by Argentine architect Jorge Ferrari hadoy
So clever, simple design.
I recently got a few in Argentina.
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