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sait and bow valley college get new funding for unique programs

by:QY Precision      2019-09-07
Students at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and Bow Valley College will benefit from two injections of funding for unique projects in the field of manufacturing and business.
On Thursday, SAIT announced a $1 million donation from Americans.
Headquartered at the Gene Haas Foundation, which supports applied education, is the biggest gift the foundation has given to Canada Post.
So far, secondary institutions.
The funds will be used to expand and strengthen SAIT processing laboratories in the Thomas Riley building through the school of manufacturing and automation.
The new project is scheduled to begin renovation in early 2017,
Lab-based will contain existing status-of-the-
Art, computer numerical control (CNC)
Processing equipment. “The long-
Our long-standing partnership with industry is essential to make our students successful, \"said Dr.
David Ross, president and CEO of SAIT
\"This generous gift from the Gene Haas Foundation has inspired industry confidence and demonstrated SAIT\'s Global Leadership in Applied Education.
The relationship we are building with the foundation will be transformative, making
In the next few years, our students\' industries will be diversified.
Gene Haas, owner of Haas Automation
The Gene Haas Foundation, a leading CNC machine tool manufacturer in the United States, was established to fund the needs of local communities.
His commitment to the importance of manufacturing in the United States prompted him to develop the foundation and focus on manufacturing education through scholarships and grants.
\"Gene Haas believes that the manufacturing base is the foundation of a strong economy,\" said Kathy Loman, the foundation\'s manager . \".
\"This passionate view has allowed him to develop a personal base throughout North America and focus on manufacturing education.
Our foundation now offers millions of dollars of scholarships each year to respected educational institutions such as SAIT, as well as funds for growth in specific capital projects.
Meanwhile, the Chiu business school at Bow Valley University received $75,000 from Scotiabank to create a new Scotiabank business school student support network.
The plan will provideon-
By matching learners experiencing academic challenges with skilled learners in similar courses, provide them with a support.
Students will support each other through peer coaching, study groups, Lecture Series, and potential opportunities to establish connections and guidance with Scotiabank employees.
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