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royal enfield unveils two new custom builds

by:QY Precision      2019-11-07
Chennai: Royal Enfield has launched two new custom buildings at the fifth wheel and Wave Festival ---
Iconic Surfing and motorcycle events in Europe-
Held in Biarritz, France, on June 14-18.
The Royal Enfield took part in the event for the third time, showcasing two exclusive performances-\"surfers\" and \"gentleman brat\", along with a range of motorcycles and gear.
Wheel and Wave Festival is a melting pot of motorcycles, hipsters, customs, communities, surfing and all things around the beach, in five days and four locations, more than 15,000 tourists and participants gathered together.
Over the years, the festival has become a bridge connecting the multifaceted world of motorcycles with skating and surfing culture through philosophy, music and style.
At Wheels and Waves 2017, Royal Enfield released the latest customized version developed in partnership with the Sinroja motorcycle based in Leicester, UK.
\"The Royal Enfield motorcycle has always been the canvas of choice for customization and self-customization
The company said in a statement.
\"Simple and not for decades
The tedious design language inspired motorcycle sculptors around the world to explore new areas of customization.
This is still true of the brand for a long time.
Build a motorcycle as an extension of the rider, allowing each rider to express his unique standing philosophy.
\"The Surf racer is the European GT cafe Racer inspired by the sun and beach lifestyle at Royal Enfield.
Surf Racers are based on the Royal Enfield Continental GT and strip it to the essence of the cafe racers --
Ultimate Super Light retro racing experience.
At its core is a tuning motor that uses the original 535cc single motor and adds a higher lift Cam, a machined piston barrel for higher compression, and a new inlet manifold.
The air is sucked through the Dellorto carb conversion, and the used gas is discharged from the \"jet\" tail exhaust below the seat.
The surf racer has a semi-cowl floating on the 17 \"performance rim, with an inverted fork and rear impact of the engine, turning the rider into a speeding bullet.
Simple design plus bold graphics expresses a tradition of fashion and art racing with a focus on quality materials and high quality details, the logo of Sinroja, this adds more than just the touch of a class.
The surf racer is the perfect machine to race in the sunset.
Brat is a custom.
The latest non-motorcycle based in Royal Enfield
The extreme adventure wagon of the Himalayas, which further came up with its ideas --
It\'s not a show, it\'s entertainment.
A custom motorcycle is also at home, frolicking along the surf line, stopping in front of an elegant beach-side restaurant.
Himaraya is a tool for adventure, and this gentleman\'s Brat maintains the spirit of going anywhere --
Peel off all the extras and show a compact, compact and disrespectful machine. It has a 16-
Inch rims with fat white wall tires add a bit of muscle appeal, while cream on the gray paint scheme will be durable to mix with sophistication.
The upgraded suspension adds functionality while its impeccable details, premium leather and machined aluminum finish mark it as a luxury car. . .
Good sense of humor.
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