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Robot CNC precision mechanical parts processing--Open the market in a short time

by:QY Precision      2020-01-27
Zhang Zong, an intelligent robot company in Zhejiang, is in urgent need of an intelligent CNC precision machining product to open the market because he has just started his business in the sea. However, whether an intelligent robot can be favored by the market, Zhang is still not sure, the first time to start a business is still a little worried. Many Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers know that before mass production, they usually do several robots for testing and then mass production. If this step is omitted, it seems to save some expenses. If the finished product in the back does not match the number, it will take a lot of time and money to repair and change the mold in the future, which will really do more harm than good. Therefore, Zhang Zong found our Shenzhen CNC machining factory by searching for 'robot CNC parts machining' and wanted to make a product through Shenzhen CNC machining, from design to one-stop service. People in Zhejiang, temporarily inconvenient to come to Shenzhen, has always been network contact, the drawings are also provided by Zhejiang, together with Shenzhen engineers to determine, when starting CNC precision mechanical parts processing, zhang always deliberately must pay attention to accuracy. Because it is to open the mold directly, at the time of the final processing, Mr. Zhang also specially visited the Shenzhen CNC machining factory from Zhejiang, from the processing capacity of dozens of CNC machines, to the processing team of dozens of people, post-processing process painting, silk screen printing, oxidation, polishing, fumigation and transparency, QC quality inspection equipment is complete, factory quality inspection report. After understanding the strength of Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers, Zhang Zong also had a bottom in his heart when he saw the robot samples made. Zhang Zong said that he had found the right CNC parts machining partner for the robot for the first time, long-term cooperation can be achieved to achieve a win-win situation.
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