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renovo reveals the luxury of lumber with its stunning wooden bike frames

by:QY Precision      2019-10-01
When you ride a mountain bike on a refurbished hardwood floor bike, you will have a hard time blending with nature. Why?
Because by definition, mountain bikes from Portland, Oregon
Based on Renesas, it is made of wood.
If nothing else, they are really beautiful.
Although we are more used to both of us-
The wood actually has some impressive qualities, Renesas notes, which makes it a major candidate for bike engineering.
As said online, Renesas uses a variety of wood (
Zebrawood, ironwood and several types of oak, pecans and maple trees, just to name a few)
In the process of its construction, because the material is not only light in weight and strong in strength, but also has \"vibration-
The damping capacity is several times that of steel or carbon fiber.
\"In fact, the first bike was made of wood, although we did design more durable materials since the year 00 s, but sometimes it\'s worth it to go back to your roots, and that\'s exactly what Renesas is doing.
Founded ten years ago by Ken Wheeler, the company made almost entirely of wood bicycles.
The only aluminum on these frames is present in the head tube, bottom bracket, seat tube and custom rear shedding.
Depending on the necessary stiffness, hardness and damping, different wood is used for different parts, all wood is kiln-
Dry to ensure that there is no warping or cracking during the manufacturing process.
The wood is then milled to a suitable thickness and length, laminated and then delivered to the CNC machine.
Once the various components are perfected, they are bonded together and any hollow tube is sealed to ensure that there is no moisture affecting the wood.
According to an online report from Outside o, Renesas\'s bike is riding very well, and of course, it is also a beautiful artwork.
That said, it\'s a bike you might want to ride and park carefully
It\'s not because it\'s not durable, it\'s because you don\'t want to ruin its aesthetics, and you don\'t want it stolen.
The framework itself will set you back around $3,500, and the finished version may exceed $7,000.
But if you have cash and want to add another bike to your collection, it\'s definitely a start.
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