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recalled diy books contain dangerous electrical instructions

by:QY Precision      2019-09-25
This is a recipe for makingit-
His own disaster.
Oxmoor House
More than 52,000 copies of nine home improvement books sold in Canada are being recalled, including instructions on how to install and repair wires incorrectly.
According to a press release released by the publisher on Wednesday, errors in charts and instructions may result in \"electric shock or fire hazard \".
According to the press release, there are no reports of \"events, injuries or property losses\" related to the wrong instructions, and some books have been released for more than 30 years.
A spokesperson for Oxmoor House said in an email that the books were sold at \"home and garden shops, retailers and book sellers\" but did not provide a specific location.
Three of these books are sold at the Canadian store in Lao, complete home wiring for Lao, you can build at sunset --
Complete home improvement and repair of wiring and Lowe.
A spokesman for Lao said Oxmoor\'s house requested the books to be removed in late November and early last December.
A spokesman for Home Depot confirmed that the books were not sold in popular home improvement shops. Friday, United StatesS.
The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has voluntarily recalled more than 950,000 books across the country.
The title of the book containing the error description is, AmeriSpec Home Repair Manual, complete home repair and repair for Lowe, complete home wiring for Lowe, basic home repair for sunset, sunset Complete Home Wiring Sunset Complete Patio manual, Sunset Home Repair Manual, Sunset water garden and sunsetWiring.
Oxmoor House instructed people to stop using the books immediately and refund them in full.
For more information, please contact Oxmoor House 1-866-696-
7602 or go to www. sunsetrecall. com.
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