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rare stradivarius violin recreated with x-ray technology

by:QY Precision      2019-09-09
Exact replica of the 1704 Stradivarius violin, using X-
Light images can help scientists discover the secrets of the unique and precious sound quality of this instrument, and can also be obtained by ordinary musicians.
Currently, musicians will spend millions of dollars to buy one of the 650 strathelis violins that currently exist, many of which are kept in museums and rarely played.
The copied violin \"Betts\" is located in the United States. S.
Library of Congress in Washington, D. C. C.
It is estimated that Antonio Stradivari, an Italian stringed instrument manufacturer, has crafted about 1644 violins from 1737 to 1,000 years old.
To better understand what makes Stradivarius Violet better, Steven Sirr, the radiologist for the first light medical system in Mora, Minnesota.
Work with professional violin producers John Vader and Steve Roso. Paul, Minn.
, Using computed tomography (CT)imaging.
The team wants to use these images to look at these features --
Wood thickness, shape and arch are included
This affects the sound of the violin.
\"We have two goals: to understand how the violin works and to make the world\'s most precious replica of the violin for young musicians who can\'t afford the original, sirr said in a statement.
More than 1,000 CT scans were converted into a body imaging file and read by computer numerical control (CNC)
Custom Machine Rosow
For this project.
CNC machine connected to 3-D precision-
A carving machine, and then a scroll (
Carving of the end of the violin neck)
, Front and back plates of violins from different forests.
Next, Waddle and rosow completed the production, assembly and painting of the replicas by hand. [
Pictures of violin replicas
\"CT scans provide a unique method for non-invasive imaging of historical objects,\" Sirr said . \".
Combined with computers
It also provides us with an opportunity to replicate with high precision.
\"The researchers plan to use CT images and CNC machines to make cheap replicas of Stradivarius viol in order to provide their unique sound to the public.
\"We believe that the process of re-creating an ancient and valuable stringed instrument could have a profound impact on modern string musicians,\" Sirr said . \".
In November, a discovery of the original violin features and details of reproduction creation was presented.
28 at the annual meeting of the North American Radiology Society in Chicago.
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