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rare alan turing manuscript, enigma machine up for auction

by:QY Precision      2019-10-17
\"Imitation Game\" made Alan Turing a household name for World War II crypto vandals.
But despite all his attention to breaking the mystery of Nazi Germany, the British mathematician is still a bit mysterious.
After his suicide in 1954, he did not leave any diary or any document that would give insight into his scientific thoughts.
That\'s why the recent discovery of a manuscript from the father of computer science has attracted so much attention.
Filled with formulas and scientific thinking written down between 1942 and 1944, it is believed that this is only a formula and scientific thinking of existence, which will be auctioned by Bonham in New York on Monday.
Popular news Trump visits Virginia Beach hero missing constate mom girl survived a shark attack never seen in the public, which could get the price in seven figures, this is probably the most valuable manuscript that Bonhams sells.
\"Alan Turing speaks sparingly, and everything in his writings has special value,\" said Turing scholar Andrew Hodges, whose book \"Alan Turing: mystery is what the film says.
\"This notebook gives people a better understanding that even if he is immersed in world events, he is still committed to freedom --
Work with pure mathematical thinking.
\"Bonhams\'s Director of Science and Technology History, Cassandra Hatton, has been working on the manuscript for most of the year.
There is no dark secret in his writing, she said, but there are signs that a man is starting to work out the \"Basics of Mathematics and Computer Science \".
\"Its mathematical content gives us an extraordinary understanding of the working mind of one of the greatest celebrities of the 20 th century,\" she said . \".
\"It\'s one of the most unusual pieces I \'ve had the privilege of dealing.
With 56-
Bonhams will auction several other computers --
Related projects, including the work puzzle machine that generated Turing code, were eventually broken.
Bids between $140,000 and $180,000 are expected.
This is an image of a mystery machine that the Germans used during World War II to code their messages and will be auctioned on Monday at Bonham in New York.
Bonhams looks a bit like an old typewriter and the machine used by the Germans is very simple
A text message that generates a password message, a code that can hardly be cracked.
The code reset every day, as long as the person has the settings of the day, can be decrypted using the code book.
Turing invented a giant machine called bombe.
No more.
Eliminate the rotary drum of potential code mathematically.
Cracking the password allows British intelligence to decode the information to German intelligence.
Vessels looted on Allied ships have shortened the war by about two years and saved millions of lives.
\"In terms of the history of the Mystery Machine, they are really the key to the success of the Nazis,\" Hatton said . \".
\"If Alan Turing and other code spoilers at Bletchley Park don\'t finally figure out how to crack the Enigma code, the war becomes very different.
The daughter of the Romantic poet Lord Byron, Ada lovelles, is considered the first computer programmer and his portrait will also be auctioned.
There is also a letter written by Lovelace on the block, in which she mentions Charles Babich.
She communicated with Babich and wrote the algorithm he needed to make his mechanical computer function.
This is the portrait of Ada Lovelace, the world\'s first computer programmer, to be auctioned at Bonhams in New York on Monday.
\"In terms of computing history, the encoder of one of the first computer inventors mentioned in a letter is very exciting,\" Hatton said . \".
However, much of Monday\'s attention will be focused on the manuscript, which, at first glance, appears to be an ordinary notebook, what is easily overlooked in the auction is the first version of the whale owned by Jim Morrison and the King James Bible of 1611.
But browsing the documentation provides a rare window for Turing\'s thinking about cracking the code at Bletchley Park.
Turing spent a lot of time analyzing the works of his predecessors, including gieseppe piano and gotefried William von lebuiz from Italy, a German versatile hand, one of the great thinkers of the 17 th and 18 th centuries, he and Isaac Newton discovered calculus together.
\"I found the lebonitz symbol very difficult to understand, even though it used to be the best symbol I ever understood! \" he wrote.
This is a page in Alan Turing\'s manuscript, in which he expresses his frustration with the German Mathematical Goldfried William von lebuiz formula.
Mr. Hatton said that Mr. Turing\'s goal was to create a common language for computers.
\"Please note that he invented the universal computing machine four years ago when he was only 24 years old,\" she said . \".
So the next logic is to design a common language for this machine.
\"It also shows what is missing because many of these formulas have never been released.
\"It shows us all these ideas that Turing has never developed in his life, and it\'s really sad,\" Harton said . \".
\"Who knows what he can accomplish in his life?
\"Alan Turing and the birth of modern computing, while most of the writing is strictly mathematical, there are also signs of his mood.
On one occasion, when comparing two mathematical expressions, he used the words \"hateful\" and \"inconvenient.
\"You can imagine him sitting at his desk and being angry at these people who are not precise enough in writing, how they use symbols,\" Heton said . \".
However, these symbols have never entered the field of his personal life, and after he successfully cracked the password, he experienced a series of tragic turning points.
He was later convicted of serious bribery for engaging in homosexual acts and is now considered a gay idol.
He was granted a pardon by the British government.
The manuscript does reveal the relationship between Turing and Robin Gandi, one of his best friends.
Turing was forced to endure gay treatment after he committed suicide because of hormone therapy, and Gandy inherited many of his scientific papers --
Many of them are almost ready for publication.
And the manuscript.
In 1977, Gandy handed the paper to the Archives Center of King\'s College, but he still kept the manuscript.
It seems that the motivation is that Gandy has begun filling the blank pages of the manuscript with his own personal thoughts, including comments accusing Turing\'s therapist of suicide.
In his notes, Gandy, who is also gay, began working on Turing after Turing\'s death, revealing the deep relationship with his teacher: \"Writing between these notes of Allen about symbols seems to be a proper disguise, but may be a bit sinister;
The image of a dead father, I inherited some of his ideas completely.
\"After Gandy\'s death in 1995, the manuscript was collected in piles of documents.
It was discovered a few years ago and will be handed over to a buyer who may or may not see the benefits of sharing it with a wider audience.
Hatton said she tried to impress any potential buyer as it has not yet been studied, so \"the importance of sharing this with academia, sharing it with the public \".
A page in Alan Turing\'s manuscript, bonhans\', tells the way Bill Gates offered to the public after buying Leonardo da Vinci\'s Leicester transcript, Hatton said, she expected the Turing manuscript to do something similar.
\"Alan Turing will be the one who will spend this money on something and will be the one who understands this and will want to study it,\" she said.
The man is unlikely to be a convert who recently learned about Turing from the film, which won an Oscar for best picture earlier this year.
\"I can\'t imagine someone sitting in the theater saying, \'Gosh, I\'m going to spend millions of dollars on this manuscript because the movie is great,\" she said.
\"It may be a man who worships Turing for a long time.
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