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production needs cnc skills

by:QY Precision      2019-10-29
Johor Baru: encourage young people to engage in computer numerical control (CNC)
Because it is very useful for the development of manufacturing industry.
Since we do not have enough manpower to equip knowledge, many foreign workers are employed in our country to operate the machines in the factory.
International trade and industry, energy, water and communications and the environment
Tan Jiahong, chairman of the working committee, said that the use of CNC machine tools can improve productivity and improve the quality of goods.
\"Anyone with skills can find a job in this field and earn RM2, 000 to RM3, 000 per month, but we are hiring foreigners to do the job at the same price, he recently told reporters after hosting the second Malaysia machine tool and metal processing machinery exhibition here.
Tan said that there are a number of institutions that offer such courses as the camachran Marra Institute, the camachran batumar Institute, the Marra Institute and Latehan Pelitrian.
Young people should consider such a problem, he said.
They can develop into the manufacturing field when they have the CNC operation skills.
\"We have to keep updating ourselves, or we will be excluded,\" he said . \" He added that CNC machines are widely used in developed countries.
He says Johor is the best.
Contributing countries to foreign direct investment in the past three years.
\"Manufacturing alone contributed 9 yuan.
Compared with rm7, 2bil in 2007.
\"There were six bills last year,\" he said . \".
He added that the machinery and equipment industry is one of the major exporters, with a substantial increase from rm7.
4 BIL to rm21 in 2000. 9bil in 2007.
Organizer Albert Lai said he expected-the-
Three-spot sales during the period
Daily events, follow-up activities up to RM100milup sales.
We also expect 5,000 traders in the region, \"he said . \" He added that since July 25-27, more than 300 exhibition companies from the Persada International Convention Center have participated in the event.
Participating products include integrated pest control technology, Saeilo Japan Olympic Knicks sensor, tools, electro-magnetic radiation equipment, Lionapex, Japan, Nachi, Jingxi.
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