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Process flow and safety operation specification for precision hardware processing

by:QY Precision      2020-03-20
Hardware products, hardware parts, and hardware accessories are mostly not final consumer goods. They are only used as supporting products and tools needed in the production process in major industries. But for precision hardware products, its workmanship is very cautious. Although the process is similar to ordinary hardware products, there are still differences. Let's take a look! About the process flow of precision hardware processing: the process flow of precision hardware processing is to order steel materials from the material manufacturer according to the production needs, open the materials after ordering, and test the tolerance on four sides after opening the materials, after the inspection, the small details such as the production of small accessories can be directly taken to the punching machine and then milled or CNC computer processing, there are many such details in the production of glasses and auto parts. The container is almost opened, and after punching, it can be directly used for welding. After sanding, it starts to spray oil, and then some accessories can be shipped perfectly. Safety operation process for hardware processing 1. You must wait for all other personnel to leave the mechanical work area and take away the debris on the workbench before starting the power to start the machine; 2. Check whether the moving part is filled with lubricating oil before mechanical operation, then start and check whether the clutch and brake are normal, and run the machine tool 1-3 minutes, it is strictly forbidden to operate when the machine is faulty; 3. When processing products. The operator must maintain the correct posture and have sufficient spirit to cope with the work. If he finds physical discomfort, he must leave the job immediately for personal safety, and report to the workshop supervisor or higher level leader. During operation, you must concentrate on your thoughts. It is strictly forbidden to talk and cooperate with each other. Operators should not operate in a state of irritability and fatigue. For personal safety, avoid accidents and ensure safe operation. All employees check whether their clothes meet the job requirements before entering the job. Do not wear slippers, high heels and clothing that affects safety. Wear a helmet with long hair; 4. When working mechanically, it is forbidden to extend the hand into the slider work area. It is strictly forbidden to take and place the workpiece by hand. Tools that meet the standards must be used when taking and placing workpieces in the die. If the machine is found to have abnormal sound or machine failure, immediately turn off the power switch for inspection. After the machine is started, it is transported by one person and operated mechanically. Others are not allowed to press the electric construction or step on the foot switch board. For the safety of others, it is impossible to put the hand into the mechanical work area or touch the moving part of the machine by hand; 5. When replacing the mold, first turn off the power supply, and then start installing and debugging the mold after the punching Motor Department stops running. After the installation and adjustment is completed, the flywheel is moved by hand twice. In order to avoid unnecessary collision between the machine and the product to be processed, the upper and lower molds must be checked for symmetry and rationality, whether the screw is strong and the Edge pressing ring is in a reasonable position. Shenzhen hardware processing factory is very cautious about the process flow and safety operation specifications of precision hardware processing. To achieve customer satisfaction, high efficiency, high precision hardware products.
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