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probing the unknown: use of a measuring probe and cnc measuring cycles can make life much easier than finding the zero point manually.

by:QY Precision      2019-09-28
In CNC production, it is common to measure tools and workpieces manually on machines.
Determine the zero point by scratching and enter these values into the CNC system.
This method is easy to make mistakes and expensiveconsuming.
This also requires a stable hand.
Life can be made easier with measuring probes and CNC measuring cycles.
The probe measures the workpiece from the range provided on the CNC menu using the appropriate measurement cycle.
The measured values are transmitted to CNC to calculate the position and zero offset, and the workpiece coordinate system is calibrated with the machine coordinate system.
In the linear process, the machine is parallel to theX-
Even if the workpiece is clamped to the angle of the workbench, the direction of the workpiece system is the same.
Advanced CNC provides measurement cycle for various workpiece geometry: * point/edge measurement, * right-
Angle and other angle measurements, * cavity/bore measurement, * Square/circular socket measurement, * plane/surface calibration, and * probe calibration.
The probe must be calibrated before measurement.
This includes determining the switching point and length correction.
First, the measuring probe is set to operate in concentric direction and then positioned at the center of a known drilling hole or special measuring ring. [
Slightly] Illustrations
The \"calibration measurement probe\" command starts the measurement cycle.
The calibration process is initiated by \"cycle start.
Then determine the center point of the drill and calculate the conversion point of the measuring probe relative to the center of the spindle.
The center offset of the calibrated sphere is also calculated.
By scanning the surface defined in Z-
Direction, the control system calculates the length of the measuring probe, and then enters it in the list of tools.
In the process of processing, the quality control measuring probe can also be used for quality control.
In order to repeat the measurement process or check the dimensional stability of the work piece during the machining process, it is possible to program and use a measurement cycle similar to setting the machine in the NC program.
Measurements are stored in the measurement report and can be used for subsequent processing corrections.
In serial production, for example, the workpiece needs to be reworked.
It is assumed that the key reference point for machining is the socket on each workpiece.
Usually, manual setting is required for each artifact.
This process can be accelerated and simplified by programming the cycle of the measurement spiral programmed in the NC program through the GUI.
Store the reference position of the socket and start to calculate the measurement period.
The latter measures the position of the tap, compares it to the programming reference position, and performs a new zero offset correction for each workpiece.
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