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Private Jets: Efficiency Tools, Not Posh Luxuries

by:QY Precision      2019-10-22
When it comes to private jets, the public\'s perception of affluence and over-consumption is inflatedabundance.
They usually imagine a luxury passenger plane.
Large aircraft with gold fixtures, living room and shower.
The fact is that most private jets are in sharp contrast to the images shown in these lifestyle shows and TV news reports.
Imagine if these TV shows went to Beverly Hills, filmed the House of celebrities, and announced to the world that all Americans live in these mansions.
This will be sensational and a distortion of reality.
These shows don\'t take camera shots of a house like me-unless they\'re making a story about a house that needs exterior paint. (
I keep telling my beloved bride and daughter that I will do that project. )
Most of the facts (but not all)
The height of the private jet is too small for one person to fully stand up and if passengers have to use the \"last toilet\" they will want to be on the plane themselves.
\"The typical cabin is practical, and the cabin size of each passenger seat is smaller than that of the passenger plane.
TV shows don\'t shoot on typical private planes because their bodies can\'t fit the equipment in the cabin, let alone the actors!
A typical private jet is an efficient tool for employees.
A study by Jet Advisors shows that a company can save £ 22.
By traveling on a private jet rather than an airline, each ordinary passenger has 5 working days and 24 road nights per year.
Their main itinerary is the office from Chicago to New York.
When using a private jet, both departure and arrival to the airport are closer and more convenient.
Time-saving research (
Business v private travel)
From New York to Chicago (Western Suburbs)
According to the study,and-
The return on the same day is almost impossible on the airline.
On a private plane, however, 4-
A 6 hour meeting can be easily arranged without overnight stay.
7 savings on private travel.
The company travels 24 times a year for 5 hours each time, saving a total of 180 hours or 22 times.
Each traveler works at the hotel for 5 days and 24 nights.
Think about your own family trip: Imagine that you have to attend three events (
Football, piano lessons, food shopping)
There are two children in three different towns on a Saturday.
How difficult is it to achieve this on the public transport system in your town?
It\'s almost impossible in my hometown of Boston because I live in the suburbs and the transportation system is based on the same huband-
The spoke system used by the airline.
I have a car so I can travel point-to-point efficiently and get all three done in one day. The labor-and money-
The efficiency of Saving Private aircraft decides to own and operate an aircraft similar to a decision to purchase a new CNC machine or an integrated computer system.
Wi-recent availability
Fi system and ability to communicate face to faceto-
The face-to-face meeting on the way further improved the efficiency of the private jet.
The nostalgic idea of romantic and adventurous travel around the world ends with deregulation.
The reality is that businesses are expected to grow at a near-healthy pace to meet quarterly earnings expectations.
Travel by airline is inefficient in the best case, pure frustration in the worst case, the flight is canceled and the line is long.
The security gate check also forces the Sky Warrior to add mental endurance to his or her skill set.
At Jet Advisors, I told my clients that private flights are more expensive than airlines.
However, if the added cost gives you 22.
5 more days in the office, 24 nights less on the road every year (per passenger)
, Are you able to complete another transaction or implement a more effective plan elsewhere in the business?
If so, private travel is worth it.
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