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principles of machine setup: zero is nothing to argue about.

by:QY Precision      2019-10-10
I used to teach CNC.
One of my classes argued for hours about how to set up CNC machine tools.
To prevent this from happening again, I developed the following idea to explain the setup task: 1.
The working system is located in the translation position of machine zero.
While this translation can be a vector sum of the translation sequence, most users only use a set zero offset g54. 2.
The machine coordinate system is a system of servo axes.
The origin of the machine coordinate system is synchronized with the reference return operation to the working envelope of the machine.
Machine zero is the origin of the Machine coordinate system and is the point of space occupied by the standard tool tip when X, Y and Z axes are in their Machine zero position. 3.
All modern installers use standard tools, even if the fact is transparent to programmers and operators. a.
Machine zero point is the point of space occupied by the standard tool tip when the axis is in the machine zero point position. b.
When the standard is a tool with zero length;
This tool is in there.
The X, Y, and Z axes are located at their machine zero point, which is the point of space occupied by the tool reference point, since this is the tip of the zero length standard. 4.
Tool length offset and tool radius offset are geometric differences between the actual tool and the standard tool.
You can program the path you want the tool to actually cut the blade to insert, and when the length and radius compensation function is also programmed, CNC will be responsible for the tool geometry compensation. [
Slightly] Illustrations
The application of these ideas can be illustrated with simple vertical bed grinding of X, Y and Z.
Let\'s assume two examples of Z -.
When the axis is in the zero position of the machine, the axis is \"up.
Machine setting chart: the method described in job shop figure 1 without preset tools is very popular in job shop without using preset tools. [
Slightly] Illustrations
The work zero is located on the top surface of the workpiece.
The operator touches it to a zero working surface with a tool.
Number seen by the operator in Z-
The Monitor of the machine is placed in D-
The code in Z as the tool length offset.
The operator performs this for each tool.
In Figure 1, the tool length offset is the air gap from the actual tool tip to the working zero surface.
Although the operator does not consider the standard tool, the chart shows that when Z-
The shaft is in its machine zero position, and the standard is actually the distance from the spindle gauge plane to the working zero surface.
No need to know the distance.
Because machine zero is the tip of the standard tool when Z is in the itsmachine zero position, machine zero is also on the working zero surface. Thus, the Z-G54 registration--
Or select any set zero offset--
Because the translation from machine zero to work zero is zero, it is set to 0.
If the G53 is a block cancellation of zero offset, then the command G53 Z0 D0 locates the spindle \"up\" all the way by positioning the tip of the standard tool to the machine\'s zero surface.
Command g54z0 D1 to position the tip of the actual tool to zero.
Please note that not all CNC suppliers in G53 generally cancel all possible zero offsets.
The G53 of Tizen does not cancel the basic offset that works in the next example.
Machine setup diagram: Machine zero point \"Up\" preset tool with preset tool, machine zero point is occupied by Tool reference point--
Tip of zero length standard--
When the axis is in the zero position of the machine.
Therefore, when the zero point position of the machine is \"up\", the zero point of the machine is also \"up \". \"Value LL0--
Negative numbers--Set in Z-
Register of basic offset. The value LL3--
A positive number--Set in Z-
Use the G54 register or any set zero offset.
It should be clear that the basic offset and the vector that can set the zero offset are LL0 ll3.
This sum is vector ll4. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Command G00 G54 Z0 D1 to position the tip of the actual tool to the working zero surface.
The command G00 SUPA Z0 D0 locates the rotary head \"up\" to its machine zero position.
Supa of Siemens (suppress all [offsets])
Since the G53 did not cancel the basic offset at Siemens, G53 has been used instead of G53.
Siemens Energy and automation, machine tool business Norman bulyer manages Siemens machine tool application engineering with the support of the United StatesS. OEMs.
He is particularly interested in the technology in the store.
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