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primer on practical cnc

by:QY Precision      2019-09-27
Numerical control is defined as a form of programmable automation in which the process is controlled by numbers, letters, and symbols, introducing K.
Thamizharuki in \"Cnc programming and operation.
He described the basic components of the CNC system as program instructions, controller units, and machine tools.
In the chapter on \"part programming\", the author uses different types of NC words such as N-
Words, such as the case of serial numbers.
\"The program is executed from the lowest block number to the highest block number.
Usually starting from block N0005 or N0010, follow the steps of 5 or 10 . . . . . . \"In other types or words, G-word (
Preparatory function);
X, Y, Z (coordinates); F-word (feed function); S-word (
Spindle speed function); T-word (
Tool selection function; and M-word (miscellaneous).
It should be of interest that the author, starting with Ashok Leyland\'s apprentice, is currently a worker education teacher at the company and has trained about 3,000 CNC operators. Commendable efforts
Our design software is very creative. . .
\"Did it create modern art?
\"No, it wrote the account the way we wanted it to, and all the support credentials! ”**BookPeek. blogspot.
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