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Precision parts processing factory to avoid misunderstanding of intelligent manufacturing

by:QY Precision      2020-01-09
Recently, Engineering, a journal of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, published the latest Viewpoint article 'towards a new generation of intelligent manufacturing ', the technical route of 'parallel promotion and integrated development' is proposed for the intelligent transformation of precision parts processing plants in China. It can be seen that the intelligent top-level design of China's precision parts processing industry has deeply recognized the precision parts processing/Industry 4. The strategy of 0 needs to be gradual and cannot be realized overnight. The main task at present is to fill in the short board of precision parts processing. Therefore, in the process of implementing intelligent upgrading and transformation, China's precision parts processing enterprises should combine the actual situation of enterprises to avoid blind follow-up and one-sided understanding. As the intelligence of the precision parts processing industry has become a hot spot, some precision parts processing factories blindly follow suit for fear of falling behind in the new round of competition for hardware parts processing equipment, there have been some phenomena of intelligent manufacturing for 'intelligent manufacturing. Precision parts processing plants should first define the economic goals to be achieved-- Improve quality, improve efficiency, reduce costs, shorten cycles, and reduce energy consumption. According to the actual situation of each CNC parts processing enterprise, the goal of development is established. The primary problem solved by intelligent manufacturing and the technical means adopted are different. At present, precision parts processing enterprises should carefully understand their own needs and use automated hardware parts processing systems to assemble production workshops for manufacturing, the purpose is to maximize the efficiency ratio between CNC parts processing and quality control. We need to study which processes are short boards in the precision parts processing process, and which processes can be automated instead of manual. Combine the short-term needs and long-term goals of precision parts processing enterprises to determine the equipment to be purchased.
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