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Precision mechanical parts processing, more than 10 years experience

by:QY Precision      2020-01-11
The sea is rampant, and the hero is true. Today, we have gone through more than 10 Spring and Autumn Periods in the field of precision mechanical parts processing, and have also witnessed the golden decade of our industry. Over the years, we have never forgotten our original intentions and insisted on providing high-quality processing services to our customers. In our CNC lathe processing production line, many employees have been insisting from the beginning of the business to the present, the technology is becoming more and more skilled, and the customer's evaluation is getting higher and higher. Many customers need to go to the field when they are looking for CNC lathe processing service manufacturers. Many customers know that some suppliers really can't stand the inspection. Now the website is very attractive, but the offline physical production line is chaotic, and there is no confidence in cooperation, there is no belief that the other party can provide high-quality precision mechanical parts processing services. However, we are different. We welcome customers to visit at any time and welcome customers to pick up problems for us. We are not a small workshop. We have a whole physical factory building and dozens of advanced CNC processing and customization equipment in shanggaopo industrial zone in Bao 'an, Shenzhen, moreover, many of our processing teams have more than 10 years of experience. Whether it is hardware or software, we are representative in Shenzhen precision mechanical parts processing industry. Conquering customers with strength has been consistent for 10 years.
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