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Precision mechanical parts processing, micro robot with heat

by:QY Precision      2020-01-10
In the history of robot manufacturing, the precision mechanical parts processing industry is irreplaceable. Many years ago, CNC machining customization experts put forward the concept of micro-robots when large robots were very hot, but they have not been landed for a long time. There are not only reasons for immature technology, but also reasons for market demand. In short, there are many aspects. In recent years, precision mechanical parts processing technology has been developing continuously, such as the rising of micro-sensors, micro-processing technology, micro-drivers and micro-architectures, and micro-robots have no technical obstacles. Of course, the popularity of a CNC lathe processing product ultimately depends on the needs of the market. In today's society, the demand for automation is increasing day by day, and micro robots have also ushered in good development opportunities. At present, microrobots used in industrial, medical and civil fields are becoming more and more popular. The country that dominates the micro-robots is the precision mechanical parts processing power in our East--Japan. In addition, the United States, Europe and other large CNC lathe processing countries also have great advantages in micro robots. As a rising star in CNC machining customization, China is also speeding up micro robots.
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