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Precision Hardware processing process and operation process

by:QY Precision      2020-03-20
When it comes to the process and operation process of precision hardware processing, Shenzhen fuchengxi technology will analyze it in detail today. Precision hardware can be opened according to production needs. After that, some small accessories can be cut or CNC processed. Precision hardware must be used to make a container, after sanding and spraying, the accessories are made. To remind everyone that small accessories also need to be electroplated or sprayed on the surface after polishing. There are many cases of batch processing of precision hardware processing parts. Therefore, the manufacturing method and cycle of precision hardware processing are different from the operating specifications and processes of ordinary product processing. The process of precision hardware processing is as follows: 1. The process Road has great uncertainty, and a component or product can have multiple processes, there are many kinds of machinery, equipment and fixtures required in the production process; 2, product parts generally choose the combination of self-made and outsourcing processing. For example, electroplating, sandblasting, oxidation, silk screen laser engraving and other special processes will be entrusted to external manufacturers for processing; 3. There are many required parts, and the workshop site often needs to fill in a large number of picking lists and will see them'A font' If there is process management, a large number of process transfer orders need to be filled in; 4. Because hardware manufacturing enterprises are mainly scattered processing, the quality and yield of products depend largely on the technical level of workers, while the degree of automation is mainly at the unit level, for example, CNC machine tools, flexible manufacturing systems, etc. The operation process of precision hardware processing is as follows: 1. When processing products. Operators should maintain the correct posture and have enough energy to perfunctory their work. If they find physical discomfort, it is necessary to leave their jobs immediately for personal safety, and report to the workshop supervisor or higher level leader. It is necessary to gather ideas during operation, prohibit conversations and cooperate with each other. Operators should not operate in a fidgety and tired state. For personal safety, avoid incidents and ensure safe operation. Before entering the job position, all employees check whether their clothing meets the job requirements. Do not wear slippers, high heels and clothing that affects safety. Wear a helmet with long hair; 2. Check whether the moving part is filled with lubricating oil before mechanical operation, then start and check whether the clutch and brake are normal, and run the machine tool 1-3 minutes, no operation when the machine is faulty; 3. When replacing the mold, the power supply should be closed first. After the punching machine movement Department stops running, the device can be started and the mold can be debugged. After the adjustment of the device is completed, the flywheel is moved by hand twice. In order to avoid unnecessary bumps between the machine and the product to be processed, it is necessary to check whether the upper and lower molds are symmetrical and reasonable, whether the screw is firm and whether the edge pressing ring is in a reasonable position; 4. It is necessary to wait for other personnel to leave the mechanical operation area and take away the debris on the operation table before starting the power supply to start the machine; 5. During mechanical operation, it is forbidden to extend the hand into the slider operation area. It is forbidden to take and put the workpiece by hand. It is necessary to use tools that meet the standards when taking and placing workpieces in the die. If the machine is found to have abnormal sound or machine failure, the power switch should be closed immediately for inspection. After the machine is started, it is transported by one person and operated mechanically. Others are not allowed to press the electric construction or step on the foot switch board. For the safety of others, it is impossible to put the hand into the mechanical operation area or touch the moving part of the machine by hand. The above is about the process and operation process of precision hardware processing. I hope the above contents can be helpful to everyone for reference only! If you want to know more about precision metal stamping products or processing, you can contact Shenzhen fuchengxi technology.
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