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Precautions in CNC lathe machining

by:QY Precision      2020-03-26
In every hardware processing factory, when the CNC lathe has not necessarily failed, we should not blindly carry out maintenance. First, ask the personnel who operate the CNC lathe on the spot to make a decision. So how can we avoid this situation when it happens in our production process? As follows: 1. 'Look'. When the first piece is used, the size of the tubing light gauge must be adjusted to the appropriate size to avoid excessive balance of the comb; During processing, check the thickness of iron filings at any time, and adjust the knife repair or replace the blade in time; Pay attention to whether the coolant and lubricating oil are sufficient; Avoid iron scrap winding on the tool or Chuck and clean it in time. 2. 'Listen'. In the process of workpiece processing, pay attention to the abnormal sound caused by knife beating, loose workpiece, abnormal machine tool, etc. at any time, and press'Reset'Key or'Emergency stop'Key. 3. 'Wen'. Stop immediately when the machine tool or other parts smell odor during processing and report it to the maintenance personnel. 4. 'Q'. For problems or situations that are not understood during the work process, it is necessary to consult relevant personnel in a timely manner, and avoid making claims. 5. It is strictly prohibited for machine tool operators to leave their posts after the machine tool is started. 6. When the internship period is not full, it is strictly forbidden to operate without the supervision of the master. The most important point is that it is strictly forbidden to load overweight and super-long tools into the CNC lathe tool library to avoid the tool falling or the tool colliding with the workpiece and fixture when the robot changes the tool; Regularly check whether the zero return position of the CNC lathe tool library is correct, check whether the position of the CNC lathe spindle return tool point is in place, and adjust it in time; When starting the machine, the CNC lathe tool magazine and the manipulator should be transported in air to check whether the work of each part is normal, especially whether the various stroke switches and solenoid valves can operate normally.
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