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Play Me, I’m Yours!

by:QY Precision      2019-10-22
(From left)
: Doug Galapagos, Dave taobenek, Lena fransily, Sally Wilson and John Kelsey
Boston piano design team of \"play me, I\'m Yours\" celebrity series!
Boston celebrity series show Courtney KasianowiczThe brings \"play me, I\'m yours ! \"! ” —
Public art installation created by artist Luke Jram in 2008to Boston.
From September 27-10 to 14, 75 pianos will be placed in public spaces throughout the city, as well as parts of Cambridge, Somerville and Brooklyn for people to play for leisure.
More than 1,000 pianos have been installed in 37 cities around the world (
Jerram is talking about this concept here)
The device had an impact on the pianist and his audience, as well as the participants in the Boston design community.
Interior designer Sally Wilson and her husband, Boston, and architect John Kelsey of the Wilson Kelsey design company in Salem, Massachusetts, after learning about the Boston incident, they formed a team, among them are Lena Francie and Doug galaban from zodesign Design in Wenhan, Massachusetts, and Dave taobenek from pebodi, Massachusetts, who created a piano that looks as good as it sounds.
When Kelsey learned that more than half of the piano in the \"Play Me\" project was missing benches, he turned to our friends at WoodMaster architecture who agreed to make 45 benches for the installation.
The store has introduced simple but sturdy seats with interlocking X designs for legs.
Cutting parts on CNC (
Computer numerical control)
The machine that automatically program the cut, the bench is assembled, polished, and coated with a white primer so that each creative team can complete the cut as they wish.
Back to the Wilson Kelsey piano team.
Garragrants proposed a concept involving feathers, the Guinea hen breed, as he and Fransioli roamed the spotted poultry on their property.
For the body of the piano, Garrabrants closely overlap the feathers and shoot them down.
Wilson and Kelsey designed an ikat for the border, which was digitally created by Garrabrants.
The size of the whole scheme is then consistent with the shape of the donated Yamaha and printed on the wallpaper with wall paper attached to the surface of the piano.
Taobenek mixed a custom dark brown paint for the piano and finished it with transparent paint.
Details of the Guinea hen feather wallpaper designed by zodesign at Winham, Massachusetts.
Details of the ikat border next to the feathers, separated by golden water green stripes.
Lena Fransioli adds Golden Water-green stripes to the border.
The guinea hen wallpaper is now located in the zodesigns Library, which depicts many patterns and panoramic murals.
Zoomed has also signed a license agreement with the pebodi Essex museum to make wallpaper from its collection of images.
Activity signature quote finished piano running along the side.
The piano for the group will be hosted by the Mary Baker Eddy Library, donated by the Boston Conservatory of Music, the Mary Baker Eddy Library at The Christian Science Center in Boston.
The location of other participating piano is listed on the street piano website, including the design of individual artists and groups such as Huntington Theatre production team, Boston College of Art, etc, woodworking master Kyle coopoulos assembled a piano bench.
The completed piano bench is simple and stylish, and the piano designer thinks it is appropriate and can be completed.
To mark the 75 th anniversary of the installation and celebrity series in Boston, there will be a surprise
\"Play Me, I\'m yours!
In the atrium of Plaza 12.
Saturday, October 5, James Avenue, Boston
Get the tickets now!
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